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Dealing with the Lack of Guarantees

Sometimes I wish I were a medical doctor. It seems that doc-talk can often be reduced to percentages and flow charts. Reciting the odds to a patient can be a mighty handy technique, and such talk makes it sound like you’re actually being handed a guarantee. The challenge–and opportunity–for those of us who walk in the world of spirituality, energy, and reality, however, is that very little can be reduced to a scorecard or a statistical analysis. I can’t count how many times a client asks me questions like these: “What are the chances that energy work can improve my condition?” “How likely is it I’ll get a job offer?” “Do you think my marriage will really make it?” Better yet, “Do you think I’ll ever GET married?” I’d love to provide an intuitive assessment or insight that is, for sure, 100 percent accurate. Who doesn’t want to assure a … Read More

Don’t Miss Cyndi Dale’s The Apprenticeship Program: Your Intuitive Gifts in One Year!

Dear Possible Apprentice: I have an important update to share with you. To accommodate the change in structure, schedules and interest, I have decided to extend the deadline for signing up for my upcoming Apprenticeship Program to Sept. 15th. You know what it’s like to put together a cool contraption? You get it perfect-you think-and then someone comes along (usually a kid) and says, “This can be even better, you know.” Then you tinker. We announced my first-ever international offering of The Apprenticeship Program a few short weeks ago and have received LOTS of interest, worldwide. A dozen of you have already signed up and many more, promised to-with a suggestion. Many of you asked for some possible options and changes to how we are offering the program… and we heard you. Bottom line – We really want to accommodate as many of you who are interested in this work as possible- while … Read More

The Importance of Grieving

I believe in the afterlife. Even so, I cried freely at the funeral of a friend. I didn’t want him to die, and I was angry and sad about his death. Believing in the afterlife doesn’t preclude the need to grieve. In fact, grieving is a very important healing process, one best explained through the wisdom of the Hawaiian culture. The ancient kahunas, as author Max Freedom Long explains, were Polynesian healers. To them, the word for healing was hoo-la, which means, “to cause light.” You create light by restoring the natural relationship with the High Self, which I call the spirit. The kahunas thought that all problems originated from believing ourselves separate from our High Self. If we choose to, we can align with it—and open to its light—through a three-step enlightenment process. These steps involve: 1. Cleansing hurt and guilt. 2. Preparing the mind, as if for worship. 3. Performing … Read More

Hanging on

The energies of others are only beneficial when they are loving energies. Love can help the dying person make peace with life—and with death. Unfortunately, the “love” of many friends and family members isn’t always so loving. People often hold on to the dying, not to help them on their journey, but because of their own fears, neediness, or sense of incompleteness. They might actually pull energy from the dying person, or worse, place their own burdens on the dying soul. My business assistant, Wendy, is also a healer and a grief counselor, and frequently talks about the latter work. Several dying clients have actually told her that they can’t die because a loved one won’t let them. One client said that she couldn’t die because her daughter didn’t want to deal with sexual abuse issues with the father. Another client said that he intuitively felt that his adult son … Read More

Magic in the Chakras

What was really happening when Jesus walked on water or calmed a storm with a command, as described in the Christian New Testament? What’s behind the Chinese stories of the hsien, avatars who ascend to the heavens without really dying? These just might be the product of the eleventh and twelfth chakras and auric layers at work. The eleventh auric field is a film around our body, but if we were to slice it open, we would perceive a field of blinking lights. The streams of energy from these lights link into our brain, higher and lower chakras, and our hands and feet. For the trained and initiated, we can use this field to command and direct energies in a way so powerful, we, too, could walk on water, make a tumor disappear, or pull a coin out of the air. The eleventh chakra is our connection into a level … Read More

The Five Feeling Constellations

How do you know if you are stuck in a feeling block or an emotional stronghold? Think about your feelings. Are there any repetitive feelings? Are there feelings you can’t express, no matter what? Are certain feelings “too big” for a current situation? Are you able to rationally decide how to respond to a feeling, or does it get the better of you? Do you feel dead to your feelings, or like you are always over-emotional? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you have might have a feeling block. You must “work through your feelings,” or feel them so that you can understand what they are trying to tell you. In order to work through feelings, we have to recognize them. There are really only five basic constellations or families of feelings. These are: • Fear • Anger • Joy • Sadness • Disgust Each of these … Read More

Spiritual Strongholds: The Deepest Form of Bondage

Spiritual blocks are sometimes packaged as spiritual strongholds. These strongholds are forged from two or more beliefs or at least one feeling and a belief that relate to our divine nature—or rather, a false judgment about our innate purity. Most common are strongholds that leave us feeling disconnected from the Divine or from our own innate spirit. Spiritual beliefs are mental in nature, but they affect every part of our being. The feelings connected with spiritual misperceptions might seem “normal,” but they impact us much more severely when bonded with a spiritual misperception rather the more everyday, garden variety. As with all misinformed beliefs, spiritual inaccuracies reduce to the assumption that we are separate: separate from the Divine, from our essence, from other people, or from the world. They leave us feeling worthless, undeserving, powerless, devalued, bad, or unlovable. They go a step further, however, in that they strike at … Read More

Healing – Using the Revolving Doors

Healing often involves conducting inner and outer journeys that might take us through one or several levels of reality. These levels could be compared to the layers of a dessert parfait. Maybe there are cookie crumbs on the bottom, delectable flavors of ice cream next, then a mound of whip cream and finally, chocolate syrup and a cherry. Reality is similar, except that the bottom layer (or physical reality) is slowest in vibration and the top layer (the most spiritual reality) is the highest in vibration. Stanford physicist Dr. William Tiller presents a more scientific model of the layers of reality (minus the cherry on top) in several of his writings. He portrays several layers of reality. From highest to lowest vibration, he describes the levels as the domains of the Divine, of spirit, three layers of mind, astral, etheric, and finally the physical stratum. Energy flows from higher to … Read More

More Quanta – Back to the Light

What was the first creation of the Divine? Light. Light was the first matter—or energy, which means that we are essentially surrounded by, and also made of, light. Many scientists are now speculating that we exist within a great field of light. Researchers including Dr. Hal Puthoff have shown that a “zero-point” field encompasses the material world. The zero-point is a field of light that looks like a vacuum but is really a sea of electromagnetic energy, quite possibly speckled with virtual particles, units of matter that are currently not real but can become so, such as when they are perceived. There is always light, no matter how dark reality appears to be. These discoveries suggest that not only are we encompassed by a field of light, but that light holds everything we might need—if we could only learn how to access it for our well being. Yet other research … Read More

A Quantum Explanation of Subtle Healing

In terms of healing, subtle healing draws upon invisible resources, shifts energies that are intuitively rather than physically perceived, and is frequently “super” natural in nature. In contrast to allopathic approaches, subtle healing is best explained by quantum rather than classical physics. A quantum-explained world is very different from a classically-explained world. Energy or subtle-based healing methods might be effective, but we can’t often see how they work. Likewise, we cannot always see what’s happening in the quantum or microstates. In a classical healing system, an object can be described according to its position and speed, as well as a unique set of quotients. We can guess where we might find a bowling ball—or an electron—if we know where it is, what direction it’s pointing, and at what speed we direct it. On the quantum scale, an electron, for instance, can exist simultaneously in many positions and velocities. When moving … Read More

Souls: Who’s on This Planet Right Now?

Souls tend to incarnate in groups. Our planet is evolving, just as we are as individuals. Following are the main soul groups currently invested in helping this planet progress. They are listed from oldest to youngest. • Construct souls. This, the “grandparent generation,” is represented by souls that hold very specific ideas or goals. They were born into a world that required explicit knowledge and expertise, as well as strong values. These people needed to become carpenters or mothers, or to follow the Catholic or Islamic faith, for instance. • Bridge souls. The “baby boomer” generation bridges the old with the new, the material with the spiritual. Many came in knowing that integrity of action calls for personal change first, planetary contributions second. Over the last decades, this understanding stimulated a groundswell in personal growth, from addiction treatment to therapy to “New Age” healing. • Indigo souls. This “twenty-something” generation, … Read More

From Beyond to the Here and Now

By what mechanisms does the soul enter our lifetime on earth? I have drawn from neurological research, metaphysical ideas, and studies in consciousness to create the following model. The detailed process of transferring ideas and programming from soul to mind and body involves: • Soul programming into the subconscious, which connects the reptilian brain and the Lower Mind. The Lower Mind regulates your survival issues and basic physiology. If your Lower Mind thinks the world is a scary place, it will become so. If a belief in security dominates, you will find the world a safe place and will attract prosperity. • Subconscious programming into the unconscious, which links the mammalian brain and the Middle Mind. Your Middle Mind manufactures feelings, thoughts, and emotions, which in turn determine your everyday behaviors. Negative programs result in negative behaviors and emotional issues including depression or anxiety. Positive programs will draw positive people … Read More

The Creation Process

How might we envision the creation process, starting from our spirit, and ending with our bodies? Picture the Divine Source as a great sun. Our spirits once dwelled within it like tiny, brilliant sparks of light. This Source sought to create more light—or love—throughout the known and unknown Universe and sent each of us forth to accomplish this goal. Each of us carried forward one or more spiritual truths or principles, upon which to found the next stages of Creation. We are to share our truths with each other. To do so, however, we have to understand and finally, actually become them. Understanding our divine nature and the truths that reflect it occurs through experience. Spirit doesn’t easily gain experience. First of all, a spirit is like air. On the plus side, it knows that it is eternally connected to Divine Source, always receiving unconditional love and therefore, perfect support. … Read More

A Definition of True Work

Work invites us to share our spiritual gifts with the world. It allows us to succeed at our spiritual purpose or mission, which always involves creating more love on this planet. Each of us has a way of forming this love that is unique—and how fun, to experience our own way of being love, but we also get to experience the unique love of others. Work is not a career label. It is not constricted to the employment description we provide to the Internal Revenue Service. It is not labor or toil or only that which earns money. Our spiritual work involves fulfilling duties and responsibilities. It might involve being paid; it certainly includes feeling gratified. Real work, however, the work that we are here on this planet to do, must accomplish a fundamental and singular goal. True work enlightens. True work pulls forth the light that we are and … Read More

The Auric Field

The First Line of Energetic Defense The best known energy organ is the auric field. The aura can be visualized as a complex layer of energy bodies that surround your entire physical body. Each auric layer, numbering twelve in all, is like a layer of saran wrap that has a different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual purpose. All auric layers set boundaries, screen energetic data and regulate your relationship with the outside world. The aura is more than fantasy. Artists and other sensitive people have long seen auras, usually as bands of color around a person or other animate being Sensitives who can see the aura usually describe multiple energetic layers, each with a different color or pattern. I, as well as many others, perceive at least twelve such auric layers around the human body. Each of these layers performs several vital functions, one of which is to screen different … Read More

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