Healing – Using the Revolving Doors

Healing often involves conducting inner and outer journeys that might take us through one or several levels of reality. These levels could be compared to the layers of a dessert parfait. Maybe there are cookie crumbs on the bottom, delectable flavors of ice cream next, then a mound of whip cream and finally, chocolate syrup and a cherry. Reality is similar, except that the bottom layer (or physical reality) is slowest in vibration and the top layer (the most spiritual reality) is the highest in vibration.

Stanford physicist Dr. William Tiller presents a more scientific model of the layers of reality (minus the cherry on top) in several of his writings. He portrays several layers of reality. From highest to lowest vibration, he describes the levels as the domains of the Divine, of spirit, three layers of mind, astral, etheric, and finally the physical stratum. Energy flows from higher to lower orders, with the higher domain providing instruction for a lower domain. Each domain occupied a different time-space continuum and operates under its own set of rules; however, each vibratory level is linked to all others. Except for the physical domain, we experience these domains as subtle or immeasurable. The etheric level, however, is considered most vital to our immediate lives, as it penetrates all aspects of physicality, creates matter, and interacts with our mind to generate patterns that connect us to the higher domains.

Essentially, healing involves maneuvering the revolving doors between these visible and invisible domains. To achieve a real change, we must decipher the site of the original issue, pinpoint its originating domain, and then release the problem. This journey through the looking glass might take us into physical matter, or force us to examine an issue within our emotional self, mind, soul, or even spirit, but it will take eventually involve a lesson for the soul, the part of us that holds everything we’ve ever done, thought, or said.

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