The Auric Field

The First Line of Energetic Defense

The best known energy organ is the auric field. The aura can be visualized as a complex layer of energy bodies that surround your entire physical body. Each auric layer, numbering twelve in all, is like a layer of saran wrap that has a different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual purpose. All auric layers set boundaries, screen energetic data and regulate your relationship with the outside world.

The aura is more than fantasy. Artists and other sensitive people have long seen auras, usually as bands of color around a person or other animate being

Sensitives who can see the aura usually describe multiple energetic layers, each with a different color or pattern. I, as well as many others, perceive at least twelve such auric layers around the human body. Each of these layers performs several vital functions, one of which is to screen different types of energetic information. For instance, one of the auric layers filters emotional data. Based upon conscious, unconscious and subconscious programming, this second auric field energetically decides what feelings to allow into your body and which feelings to send into the world. Feelings, like all aspects of life, are frequencies. Sadness vibrates at a different rate than does anger or fear. If you are programmed to perceive fear but ignore anger, you can psychically read when someone is scared but not necessarily pick up on someone else’s anger.

Each auric layer is in charge of certain frequencies or information-energy packets. The various layers filter everything from physical sensations to intellectual understandings to others’ spiritual beliefs. When all systems are up and functioning, it’s like having an force field protecting you. Good auric boundaries will also assure that you don’t “tip off” intruders, accidentally informing other people of your plans or moves.

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