The Creation Process

How might we envision the creation process, starting from our spirit, and ending with our bodies? Picture the Divine Source as a great sun. Our spirits once dwelled within it like tiny, brilliant sparks of light. This Source sought to create more light—or love—throughout the known and unknown Universe and sent each of us forth to accomplish this goal. Each of us carried forward one or more spiritual truths or principles, upon which to found the next stages of Creation.

We are to share our truths with each other. To do so, however, we have to understand and finally, actually become them. Understanding our divine nature and the truths that reflect it occurs through experience.

Spirit doesn’t easily gain experience. First of all, a spirit is like air. On the plus side, it knows that it is eternally connected to Divine Source, always receiving unconditional love and therefore, perfect support. Criticism, sword slashes, or negative thoughts—these pass through our spirit like a knife through air. On the minus side, this immateriality means that it’s challenging, if not impossible, for a spirit to gain experience. Can one pick up a cup without a hand? It’s hard to offer others something to drink unless we can do so.

To solve the dilemma—to provide experience—the Divine Source formed a soul out of our spirit. Our soul is like a “slowed down” aspect of our parenting spirit, with one main difference. Lower in vibration and therefore, relatively concrete, it is affected by experience. It can learn—but also be hurt. It can express truths—but also believe in lies. As the part of us that imprints experience, the soul is also able to formulate conclusions based on these experiences. And many of these conclusions have been wrong.

In essence, our soul recreates its original wound. This is the first misperception, formed after the first time the soul decided that it was separate from the Divine. At some point after distinguishing from our spirit, our soul, flying free, fell. Maybe it was betrayed by another soul. Perhaps it became scared, called to the Divine for help, failed to perceive the Divine’s response. Maybe we called upon our own powers, and they failed us. The original scenario—the one that made our soul think, “I’m separate from the Divine”—is usually the same situation that causes us grief in this lifetime, over and over again—as well as other lifetimes.

Reincarnation is the process of incarnating in a body, lifetime after lifetime. Our spirit encourages soul reincarnation as a way of clearing our original soul wound and learning how to express our divine truths. Before birth, our soul agrees to this process, forming a soul plan or life contract with the Divine and others. And then, it experiences an event similar to the one that caused the original injury. Instead of summoning help or operating from a spiritual perspective, it closes down. Common sense tells us that if we do the same thing, over and over, we’ll get the same outcome. Perception creates beliefs and beliefs create physical reality. Because it always perceives situations the same way, and forms the same beliefs about events, our soul creates the same dark, negative reality it has always experienced.