A Quantum Explanation of Subtle Healing

In terms of healing, subtle healing draws upon invisible resources, shifts energies that are intuitively rather than physically perceived, and is frequently “super” natural in nature. In contrast to allopathic approaches, subtle healing is best explained by quantum rather than classical physics.

A quantum-explained world is very different from a classically-explained world. Energy or subtle-based healing methods might be effective, but we can’t often see how they work. Likewise, we cannot always see what’s happening in the quantum or microstates. In a classical healing system, an object can be described according to its position and speed, as well as a unique set of quotients. We can guess where we might find a bowling ball—or an electron—if we know where it is, what direction it’s pointing, and at what speed we direct it. On the quantum scale, an electron, for instance, can exist simultaneously in many positions and velocities. When moving from place to place, it doesn’t take the straightest route—it might take all available roads, simultaneously. In regard to healing, the multiple locations of a particle (or person or softball) suggest possibilities for creating miracles, or at least some great results. A tumor in the brain might possibly also exist in a tree in the rain forest in South America. What if we could ‘blink” it out of the brain and locate it only in that tree? For that matter, what if we could also “blink” it in healing from a star, the future, or another dimension?

Various quantum theories suggest that we can. Physicists have observed that every particle in the “real world” is partnered in the “antiworld” with an antiparticle. English physicist Paul Dirac introduced the theory in 1928, describing antiparticles as companions in mass and spin that hold an opposite charge. Antimatter is a source of energy. When an electron meets its mate (the positron), both disappear, leaving two photons, or units of light.

Some quantum scientists suggest that there are antiworlds or parallel realities. These concurrent realities contain that which “did not” happen. If this world holds our sick self, another world includes our well self. In yet another, we might be dead. Treatment for a this-world terminal condition might exist in yet another parallel reality. An effective energy healer could simply exchange a preferred reality for this one.

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