Chak·ra Rūpa  noun

/ˈCHäkrə - ro͞opə/

The synergistic effect that occurs when the impression of one’s surroundings corresponds to one’s own unique energy signature

May cause overwhelming sense of peace and fullness of life. Apply at own risk.

Chakra Rupa Exclusively by Cyndi Dale.

Available solo through performance coaching and to work with your builder or designer.

Decorate and Design via Your Major Chakra to Support Your Life Goals and Unique Soul

We are spiritual beings undergoing a physical experience. And the more soul-based décor we surround ourselves with, the more joyful, productive, healthy, abundant, and love-filled our lives.

Did you know that you have a major chakra?

Did you know that you have a major chakra? You do. It’s the one through which your true personality—your soul—best expresses. By surrounding yourself in the aesthetics—the lines, colors, and textures—that relate to your strongest chakra, you can design a home, office space, or room that truly reflects your inner self.

When who you are surrounds you, you can become all that you’re meant to be.

Chakras are subtle energy centers along the spine (think yoga) that manage every part of our lives. “Rupa” means form. The inventor of Chakra Rupa, Cyndi can use her intuition and knowledge to create the environment best able to inspire you.

Find inspiration for your next decorating project—and your life—by having Cyndi Dale, the creator of Chakra Rupa, assist you in decoding your major chakra and matching it to the styles whose aesthetic best expresses that chakra’s energy. (Pricing the same as a two-hour Performance Coaching--$1200)

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Premier two-hour immersions. Pricing is the same as the two-hour Performance Coaching sessions--$1200.) Can include the following:
  • Evaluation of an individual’s major chakra and what it means for you and your life.
  • Intuitive assessment of major chakras of individuals seeking assistance, such as members of a family or owners of a restaurant.
  • Matching of an individual or group members to major décor types and suggestions on how to achieve Chakra Rupa in general or specific setting.
  • Analysis to increase the productivity or sales of a business space, such as restaurants or retail. This evaluation, if conducted, would assess the owner/s but also the key target audiences and their most likely chakras.


Partnering with a design specialist, builder, architect, or other professional to create the most personalized space possible. Services arranged upon need and Cyndi has recommendations as well.
Chakra Rupa can be applied to a home, individual rooms, additions, and office and other business settings, such as retail establishments. In the case of the latter, the chakra evaluation is done to match an owner/s and also customer profiles. (Pricing is the same as a two-hour Performance Coaching--$1200.)

Chakra Rūpa Quiz


Want to take a simple quiz to figure out your major chakra? This quiz outlines the traits characteristic of each of the seven, in-body chakras. Select the list of traits that best describe you to identify your major chakra.


Next, we have identified the design styles that correlate to each of the seven, in-body chakras. Simply match your chakra number and read how you can design a living space that is uniquely you.


Working with Cyndi on an Immersion will further hone your links to chakras eight through twelve.

Select one of the following seven lists that best describes your personality:

  1. Physical. Dynamic. Passionate. Always doing, moving, manifesting.

  2. Sensual. Carefree. Emotive. Fluid. Constantly innovating, connecting, supersized feelings.

  3. Mental. Organized. Scholarly. In love with ideas, power, success.

  4. Heart-based. Considerate. Accepting. Into healing, forgiving, caregiving.

  5. Learner. Teacher. All about writing/ singing/ musing/ speaking/ verbally achieving a goal.

  6. Aesthetic. Strategic. Perceptive. Lover of originality, colors, clairvoyance.

  7. Peaceful. Meditative. Harmonious. Devoted to a cause and higher pursuit.


See the answer key below to determine your major chakra and the label that best suits you. Then match that chakra with its corresponding aesthetic to find the design style that best reflects your inner self.


a) The first chakra. Manifester. Rocket red and in the hips, this energy center is all about flame-on energy. As the manifesting specialist of the chakra system, you’re devoted to physical reality.


b) The second chakra. Feeler. This orange chakra, based in the abdomen, is the chakra zodiac center for emotions and creativity. Go you—the most innovate of chakra types.


c) The third chakra. Thinker. You’re all about thoughts and facts, you very organized person. The third chakra, which is yellow and in the solar plexus, supports you in establishing all-things structure.


d) The fourth chakra. Relater. This chest-anchored chakra is green, and describes the most romantic and relational based of the Chakra Types. If it makes your heart beats, you’re there.


e) The fifth chakra. Communicator. If it can be thought, you’ll say it; noted, you’ll sing it. Centered in the blue chakra in the throat, your communication expertise makes you all about expression.


f) The sixth chakra. Visionary. Nothing like a picture rather than words, right? This purple center, located in the brow, describes the most visual and strategic of chakra-ologists. Use your clairvoyance, or “clear seeing,” when making decisions.


g) The seventh chakra. Spiritualist. The purity of white in this top-of-the-head chakra illuminates your spiritual light. That’s you, the devotee to the highest of all lights.


Know that Cyndi is the proprietary developer of a 12-chakra system. To assist certain clients, she would assess the traits of these additional five chakras during an Immersion. This analysis would further define characteristics related to being keyed into the following chakras:


  • The eighth chakra. Mystic, whose otherworldly and cross-dimensional abilities require very specific and cosmic designs.
  • The ninth chakra. Harmonizer, whose souls are called to meet a vital worldly goal. Your surroundings should reflect your peaceful nature and specific calling. Symbology will be extremely vital.
  • The tenth chakra. Naturalist, who are here to support the Earth and Nature. You’ll be even more Rustic than the first chakra person.
  • The eleventh chakra. Commander, who are leaders both naturally and supernaturally. You must balance your environment with soft and hard.
  • The twelfth chakra. Unique to you. An Immersion can help highlight your very unique gifts and traits.

Want a clue about your design style? Here are a few snapshots.


Chakra One = Rustic and Modern.

You are an extreme individual. You’re organic, connected to Nature, and all about simplicity and the ruggedness of the great outdoors. At the same time, you rack up time pursuing success. That requires a bit of Modernism, which is clean and simple, and incorporates modern electronics and stylish furnishings. Try a mix of the Adirondack with lots of cotton, wood, and stones, and play up your red chakra color with bright red, smooth-lined furniture. Skip the plastic in most Modern looks and go natural, while adding geometric shapes and neutral fabrics.


Chakra Two = Bohemian.

Carefree, fuss-free, and sensual. Eclectic. What else explains the second chakra creative? You can mix absolutely every color and style in this expressive décor. The more sensual the better: pick colors that convey excitement and serenity, mix textures, like beaded fabrics and a jute rug, and go exotic with plain old hippie. The more hues and textures the better. Yes, pink stripes can go with orange polka-dots. Think multi-cultural mixes, unique folk art, elements, and unusual designs, such as from indigenous tribes. Got to have some orange to depict your chakra color.


Chakra Three = Industrial.

The thinking-based third chakra person is all about functionality. Schedules, administrative details…why not reflect your values in your environment? You can add a bit of funky, too. The look is very clean with minimal touches. Focus on the combination of a warehouse and livable comfort. Blend steel, wood, steampunk. Black metal windows, urban with factory. Throw in a couple of curved lines such as in your sofa or coffee table. Add those bursts of yellow to play up your chakra.


Chakra Four =Mediterranean.

Think Greece and Italy—two of the most romantic and heart-based countries in the world. To decorate, bring Nature inside with colors that make you dream about the sky, ocean, and sun: turquoise, emerald, and rose-yellow. Often features decorative mosaics, hard wood floors, and furniture that is low to the ground. Imagine picture windows! Light and warm tones and natural materials that are bold and simple. The key? A touch of romance in all that is chosen.


Chakra Five = Old World.

Old World is a mix from 16th to 17th century Europe, providing the air of yesterday’s regality with homey feels.  Go Medieval and Renaissance at same time. Think richer colors, such as gold and bronze, with a balance of thicker and thinner fabrics. What might Rembrandt select? Ochres, blues, greens, deep browns, burgundies, always a sense of mystique and the antique. Have to have at least one woven tapestry, and some form of old-fashioned and modern communication means should be found in every room. Make sure that the retro includes a mini-library or bookshelves in every room, and then update the look with sleek music systems and a modern surround-sound linked to the television. Merge the weathered and distressed look. Alexa acceptable.


Chakra Six = Hollywood Regency.

Timeless, fun, and a hint of Art-Deco touches. Puts together glamour with wild boosts of color. Modern and upbeat with smooth lines and shiny surfaces. Go with metallic and jewel tone touches, mixes of fabrics (velvet and satin, rough and earthy), and a combo of eras. How about chrome and steel, animal prints and geometric figures? Perfect for the sixth chakra stylist, who likes the ultimate in aesthetics. Go regal and elegant with touches of violet that reflect your chakra.


Chakra Seven = Scandinavian.

You don’t actually have to be Swedish or Norwegian! Colors featured are white with a bit of gray and sometimes a hint of black—which are the colors of this chakra!  You can’t be too neutral, though. Liven and jive yourself up by throwing in a bit of color with a pillow, rug, or wall hanging. PS—contemplation and prayer are more fun if you sit, yoga-like, on a wild print. Can be oriented toward Minimalist, which is highly simple and serene—perfect for the meditating spiritualist. No-fuss, clean lines, and functional

Ready? Let's Get Designing! (Pricing is the same as a two-hour Performance Coaching--$1200)