More Quanta – Back to the Light

What was the first creation of the Divine? Light. Light was the first matter—or energy, which means that we are essentially surrounded by, and also made of, light.

Many scientists are now speculating that we exist within a great field of light. Researchers including Dr. Hal Puthoff have shown that a “zero-point” field encompasses the material world. The zero-point is a field of light that looks like a vacuum but is really a sea of electromagnetic energy, quite possibly speckled with virtual particles, units of matter that are currently not real but can become so, such as when they are perceived. There is always light, no matter how dark reality appears to be. These discoveries suggest that not only are we encompassed by a field of light, but that light holds everything we might need—if we could only learn how to access it for our well being.

Yet other research shows that we, ourselves, are made of light. Researchers including Fritz-Albert Popp, have discovered that DNA itself is a storehouse of biophoton emissions, or light. Advanced organisms emanate more DNA photons than do less-evolved organisms, and it appears that the zero-point field plays a major role in originating and interacting with this internal light. Disease occurs when the body interjects too much or too little light from the field. The universe is essentially surrounded by—and produced from—light, and so are our bodies.

How do we control or manage our relationship with this field? How do we live as the light that we are? These questions reveal our essential quest, as human beings. We might guess that if we know that we deserve to be loved, our DNA will emanate biophotons in a manner supportive of optimum physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual welfare. If we hold destructive ideas about the world or ourselves, we’ll reject light and live darkly. We will literally make ourselves, and perhaps others, sick.

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