Energy Performance Coaching: Your Secret Weapon for Living Your Optimal Life

Add the Extra Edge of Energy Performance Coaching to Your Life...All the concepts are in my 2023 book, Energy Healing for the Everyday to Elite Athlete! For athletes and not athletes--we have to all perform.

I’ve been coaching clients for years to bolster their success. I’ve helped sports athletes take it to the next level when no one thought they would. I’ve assisted mid-level businesspeople to rise to the top of the corporate ladder. I’ve guided small business owners to become authors, entrepreneurs, wealthy and much more. I have even seen CEO’s turn their lives inside-out to become healers, and homemakers enter politics. All of these remarkable changes due to Energy Performance Coaching

In other words, I know what I’m doing and I help create positive change in people’s lives, in large part, because what I do isn’t like ANYTHING any other coach does.

AND NOW, you can read all about it in my new book, Energy Healing for the Everyday to Elite Athlete! All the concepts no MATTER your issue are in there as of March 2023!


In a nutshell, I do the following:

Clear or transform the stuck frequencies inhibiting your performance.

These are subtle or physical energy blocks that are STOPPING YOUR SUCCESS. I use my well-developed intuitive skills (30 years of experience, thousands of clients, 30-plus bestselling books about energy healing) to find these areas in your body, chakras, auric fields, and soul, and dissolve them. These might be comprised of your own or others’ emotions or negative beliefs, others’ energies, past life issues, dark entities and forces, and more. You won’t get where you want to go as long as they are there.

Add and activate positive, success frequencies.

If you are supposed to succeed—and you know if you are intuitive—the frequencies you need are in or available to you. They can’t work unless we bring them in and activate them. I know how to successfully do that. We’ll pull from past life gifts, spiritual guides, childhood abilities, and even assess your diet, exercise program, chakras, and more.

Surround you in positive frequencies that match your success frequencies.

You can’t perform unless the frequencies around you keep stimulating the success frequencies in you. This is fun and impactful work! I’ll teach you easy energetic techniques, to include grounding, the Hara Line, and great breathing techniques, but also assess your auric field, environment, reading list, and relationships.

Energy Performance Coaching Success Stories

Story of Clearing Stuck Frequencies: The College pitcher couldn’t move his arm, at all. I asked if I could work on it. He said yes. I had him raise it an inch at a time. With each inch, I cleared an issue I could intuitively see or feel. Within ten minutes, he had full movement and pitched better than ever.

Story of Clearing Stuck Frequencies: The senior VP was going to be laid off. He had a huge presentation coming up. I assessed his negative frequencies and discovered a childhood issue affecting his mindset but also a negative entity. We cleared these. He gave the presentation. Not only did he keep his job but was soon hired as a CEO in another company.

Story of Adding Success Frequencies: The would-be-healer had a magnificent gift from another life and her soul was too scared to apply it in the here and now. After clearing the negative energies, we added her previous ability. She is now a well-known intuitive and healer with thousands of clients.

Story of Adding Success Frequencies: She was a successful doctor who was fired for being a whistleblower. The suit was going nowhere. We cleared negative frequencies from childhood and activated a new mindset. The former employer gave a 10 million-dollar settlement.

Story of Surrounding Self with Matching Success Frequencies: He had run an illegal business and wanted to shift to a legal one. He was a multi-millionaire. We performed the first two steps, clearing ancestral issues and activating his true self internally, and then altered his auric field with my unique techniques; enabled a cross-country move; and linked him to spiritual guides and a support group. He is now a successful entrepreneur—legally.

Story of Surrounding Self with Matching Success Frequencies: The soccer player was about to be cut from his team. We implemented our first two accomplishment steps and I then taught him the Hara Line technique and other energetics. He was eventually signed by a new team and became quite successful.

How Does My Energy Work “Work?”

My words might be new to you. But know this—everything in life comes down to frequencies. If you have negative energies inside of you, the matching energies in your life will keep activating them and keep you stuck. If you activate positive, success energies inside of you, the positive energies in your environment will keep them working and enable the following:


Hold the ideal of success in your BODY, MIND, and SOUL—plus your subtle energy system! and you can achieve it.


Often, the powers we need to success are hidden under layers of negative frequencies. Free them up, they will work for you.


Most energy is invisible or subtle. If you haven’t gotten where you want to, there are invisible energies preventing success. We’ll change that. But—that also means that we can activate invisible energies to create accomplishments. We’ll also do that.

What Topics Can I Cover?

Most people focus on the typical performance areas: business, speaking, creating, sports performance, but I've also worked with clients who want to meet their life mate, develop their intuitive abilities, and more! All topics on the table! Send an email if you have a question...

How to Work with Me

My schedule is already full of my regular clients, classes, writing, and teaching. But I LOVE being someone’s secret success weapon! I will accept up to 2-3 Energy Performance Coaching clients at a time. We can work together this way:

1. This is a two-hour assessment that should be done in person or through Zoom or Skype. I’ll assess the negative and positive frequencies intuitively and get a sense of what is occurring. We’ll also clear and activate the frequencies that we can during that time.

Fee: $1,200.

2. Customized Interactions. If the assessment was helpful, we’ll decide how to work together. If you are a business owner, I might need to do a chakra-by-chakra business analysis—yes, businesses have chakras! If you are a sports person, I might need to work with you before you are called to perform. We’ll figure it out if I can assist you. If you need additional helpers, we’ll figure that out too!

Fee: $1200

Schedule through

Know that I WILL NOT ever reveal the names of my Energy Performance Coaching clients unless YOU share. I am truly a secret weapon—and will keep our work secret.

Let’s see what we help you accomplish!