Dealing with the Lack of Guarantees

Sometimes I wish I were a medical doctor. It seems that doc-talk can often be reduced to percentages and flow charts. Reciting the odds to a patient can be a mighty handy technique, and such talk makes it sound like you're actually being handed a guarantee. The challenge–and opportunity–for those of us who walk in the world of spirituality, energy, and reality, however, is that very little can be reduced to a scorecard or a statistical analysis.

I can't count how many times a client asks me questions like these:

“What are the chances that energy work can improve my condition?”

“How likely is it I'll get a job offer?”

“Do you think my marriage will really make it?”

Better yet, “Do you think I'll ever GET married?”

I'd love to provide an intuitive assessment or insight that is, for sure, 100 percent accurate. Who doesn't want to assure a cure, a job, a thriving marriage? (Oops,  went the wrong way there, he or she wants it over?!)  Except, that's not how it works.

There are so many factors creating the present and the future that none of us, no matter how attuned, vibed-in, or talented, can see them all. No matter how powerful we are; no matter how many affirmations we utter into the Universe, none of us are strong enough to force outcome. The threads of yesterday continue to alter the tapestry of today–and the weavings of today, the cloth of tomorrow. Intertwined also, is input from other people, situations, and the greater world.

Sometimes this truth discourages me. I've practiced the art of intuition for a long time and frequently, the inspirations, possibilities, or healing I've been honored to deliver are beneficial. Sometimes the data is exactly spot-on. I remember working with one particular client and relaying that in five years and three days, she would be offered an amazing job in England. She had never traveled further than Dubuque, Iowa, and had stage four cancer. Guess what?  Happy ending! Healed of her cancer, she was gifted a scholarship to a school out East and from there, a job offers from a London firm. But there are also people I hoped would survive and didn't; might marry and didn't; have children and did not.

As I shared, sometimes the unpredictable leaves me discouraged, but you know what? There's another choice. Perhaps the changeable, mercurial nature of life is a GOOD thing. Maybe we (starting with myself) should be ENCOURAGED by life's audacious twists and turns. Doesn't the unexpected indicate that there are forces greater than us? One of these forces is the Divine itself. It is our own Higher Power, God, Christ, Allah, Mother, Creator. Where there is something bigger and more loving, there is hope.

I'd like to suggest that rather than flinch from the “creative” nature of reality, we instead embrace the it.  Who knows what adventure lies around the corner, heck, right in front of us? Maybe it's not so good, to reduce our maladies, needs, and future to a set of statistics. Just as a concerto is grander than the notes that compose it, so are we vaster and wiser than any component element that forms us.  Life didn't come with a money-back guarantee, but we are assured a wild ride, as long as we're willing to be open and honest.  Here is to cherishing life and its oddities.