From Beyond to the Here and Now

By what mechanisms does the soul enter our lifetime on earth? I have drawn from neurological research, metaphysical ideas, and studies in consciousness to create the following model. The detailed process of transferring ideas and programming from soul to mind and body involves:
Soul programming into the subconscious, which connects the reptilian brain and the Lower Mind. The Lower Mind regulates your survival issues and basic physiology. If your Lower Mind thinks the world is a scary place, it will become so. If a belief in security dominates, you will find the world a safe place and will attract prosperity.
Subconscious programming into the unconscious, which links the mammalian brain and the Middle Mind. Your Middle Mind manufactures feelings, thoughts, and emotions, which in turn determine your everyday behaviors. Negative programs result in negative behaviors and emotional issues including depression or anxiety. Positive programs will draw positive people and situations to you.
Unconscious programming into consciousness, which bonds the higher or learning brain and the Higher Mind. Dharmic programs, if believed, can override karmic patterns, setting off a chain reaction in the body that results in achievement of spiritual purpose and easy manifesting. If karmic beliefs rule, life will be challenging and difficult. You will constantly feel like you are not living the life you are meant to have.
• The conscious self or Higher Mind opening to the supraconscious, a part of your spirit that interrelates the soul and the world. Your supraconscious is connected to the spiritual realms, higher truths, and divine assistance. Once located in the supraconscious, karma is automatically transformed to dharma. The problems and pains of the past can now be interpreted as “perfect,” in that they led to learning and growth. This is not a justification for abuse. It is a healing process, one that recognizes the innate wholeness of every being and invites this wholeness into every corner of life.

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