Cyndi's Recommended Healers and Intuitives


Jo-Anne Brown, Intuitive Alchemist

In Jo’s Intuitive Alchemy sessions, she combines intuition with alchemy – in response to your needs and concerns!

During your session, Jo will share intuitive guidance with you, to contribute to your healing – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. She will also work with you to transform and “alchemize” less-than-supportive dynamics within your energetic system into positive opportunities for manifesting and growth. She can also energetically scan you to support and cleanse specific aspects of your energetic system that are under stress, including specific organs, meridians, and chakras, and bodily issues down to the cellular level. During client sessions, toxins, microbial overload, and other negative influences will have been identified and deactivated.



Amelia Vogler, Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist 

Amelia is a respected Healer, Teacher, and Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist. She is considered an expert in Energy Medicine with advanced training in trauma work, past life work, ancestral and complex relational patterns, and energy medicine in surgery. With over 15 years of private practice experience, her forte is working with spiritual individuals to restore themselves after stressful life events and illnesses. Clients from around the world come to her to address the underlying soul-level imprints of systemic stress, illness, lack of grounding, and how these impact their day to day choices in living a fulfilling life.

Amelia’s thoughtful and insightful writings have been featured on numerous blogs and outlets, including the popular book, “Pioneers of Healing Touch.” She is currently co-authoring the highly-anticipated, “Deeper into the Garden.”    Additionally, she is a valued consultant for the renowned Healing Touch Program. She serves as Executive Director of Healing Touch Professional Association (which focuses on defining advanced education for over 5000 healers worldwide).

Taking her writing and teaching a step further, Amelia created a celebrated line of guided meditation CDs. Known for her gentle voice and skillful approach, Amelia’s acclaimed guided healing meditations are a sought-after tool for quiet reflection and healing. In addition to her one-on-one client work, Amelia has taught throughout the United States, Asia, Europe, Canada, and South America. Her signature program Journey of the Mystic has enrolled students from Europe, Peru, Central America, Canada, and the United States.  She and her husband live in a small rural town in North Carolina with two lively dogs, Ethel and Veda, and a very fat cat named Meatball.

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Ofer Niv, Healing Catalyst

Ofer’s expertise is shamanic based healing and activation, abilities which can enable support to all life issues, to include the spiritual, emotional, and very physical.

Ofer was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about 10 years ago. The experience led him on a journey that opened his eyes to the subtle ways the body, soul, spirit, and the universe come together. Through work with top teachers, he discovered how to thrive while experiencing renewed health, abundance, and fulfillment. Today, Ofer is symptom and medication free.

Leveraging his healing skills and intuition, he has helped a multitude of clients suffering from various emotional, mental, and health conditions. While specific issues usually lead people to Ofer, he treats the whole person, not just the reported conditions. As a result, clients report significant transformation in their sense of well-being.

Says Ofer:

“My mission is to help you resolve physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. This shamanic energy practice not only clears and resolves existing concerns, but it also helps you evolve your life to a new level of wellness, wholeness, and a sense of purpose and fulfillment. While I always focus on the presenting issue, deep shifts occur through tracking of the root of your issue at the subconscious layers, where deep-rooted soul wounds might hide. I focus on the removal of energies that “pull you down” while helping you reconnect with your true essence. It’s time to feel highly capable of handling whatever life throws at you. The result is a higher level of physical health, energy, and renewed hope.“

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I’ve personally experienced Ofer’s sessions and find them profound and soul-deep. As a shamanic practitioner, he can connect to both the hidden and the obvious, and every space in-between. With him, I’ve been able to work on everything from business concerns to the gravity of loss. As well, he’s supported my son’s baseball career, actually once clearing a shoulder issue." 


Wendy Kardia, Sacred Story Teller

Wendy Kardia offers 30-minute energetic healing sessions. This is an energetic distance session. Not a phone or in-person session.

How it works: Once your session is scheduled, Wendy will tune in and send healing energy at the time of the session. It is recommended to arrange a time when you are free to be resting comfortably. During the set time of the session sacred images, stories, as well as therapeutic rituals, are recorded and proposed just for you. At the end of the session, Wendy will send you the sacred story voice recording via email that you can use any time as a meditation.

The fee is $95 for the 30-minute session. Please email one sentence intention to at least 30 minutes before the scheduled session. 

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"There is a connection between Wendy, Nature, and poetry that promises to provide you both energy healing and a song for your soul. In many ways, I think of Wendy as a storyteller. As her intuitive gift brings through the prophetic insights you need, your body, mind, and soul can align with ease and grace. Working with her is like being touched by Flow." 


Jill Sonnek, Subtle Energy Consultant

“Once I understood the connection between the acceptance of Divine Love, and how energy moves around and through the body, I was healed.  I decided to share this experience with others. I believe all healing comes from the acceptance of Divine Love. After I affirm that truth in my clients, the healing is accomplished--not by me, but through me.” -Jill Sonnek

Jill’s passion for energy healing began over thirteen years ago, after receiving a mixed diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome.  Medical experts said there was no cure, only pain management. They placed Jill on multiple medications. With the pain still persisted, Jill became determined to find a solution and began exploring alternative healing. Since then, she’s been on a successful healing journey, which has turned into a journey now based on healing others.

Jill has a unique ability to look at the whole person--body, spirit, and soul--to discern what areas need healing. She then works with the Divine to accomplish whatever task is necessary. Activities can include repairing energy fields and chakras and also transforming soul wounds.  She can also assess for and clear generational patterns that affect energy. As well, Jill senses spiritual beings and removes negative interference.  She has employed her gifts to eliminate demonic influences, clear negative energy from businesses and homes, and create harmony in the body and soul.

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“Jill Sonnek is one of those rare persons whose mind and soul are destined for healing. Her intuition is always spot-on, as is her ability to recommend meaningful and practical applications. Her laser-like focus will pinpoint exactly what you need to know, even as she helps bring through the specific energies or messages necessary to not only change but transform. With a heart as vast as the sky, she can accompany you on any healing journey you need to take, sprinkling your path with wit, wisdom, and wonder.”


Shawn Hanekom, COVID-19 Energetic Healing

My name is Shawn and I currently reside in South Africa, where I’ve worked as an energy medicine practitioner since 2006. Here is my perspective on Covid-19.

I work from the perspective that each client is a unique individual. Therefore, each client receives a unique designer session that serves them best. I first align myself with spiritual techniques and access the highest powers of grace. I make sure I have your inner permission to heal and then connect with a client’s innate intelligence.

I have highly empathic and clairvoyant powers, and so I actually check to see if a client has the actual virus, or simply the energy signature. To do this, I probe deep in the cells energetically and follow guidance to release any distorted patterns in a client’s mind-body complex. I work with a client’s immune system, as well as the gut microbiome and hormones.

It’s imperative to work with the compromised immune system. We have to build back your ability to absorb nutrition, and also check and enhance the quality of the blood, homeostasis, oxygenation, circulation, bone marrow, and membrane system. We also work with the fight/flight/flee system, and I make suggestions around engaging with alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states.

From an energetic perspective, I work with a powerful toolkit, to include the scalar waves/streams of grace taught by Cyndi, zymbols (healing symbols), negative dark green (to erase what isn’t wanted), pink, gold, and Absolute Light, sacred geometry and numbers, and the very specific frequencies of 728 and 741 Hz. I’ll also recommend diet, nutrients, and supplements, along with suitable dosages for the latter.

Of course, I can work with any of your physical, psychological, or spiritual issues, however, I stand by to assist with Covid-19 concerns in particular.

Contact: for remote and Zoom sessions




Shawn is one of the truly great healers on this planet. Highly ethical and powerful energetically, he has had amazing results with clients exposed to Covid-19. I recommend his work—period—and particularly for those of you struggling with Covid-19 and also seeking better protection.