Magic in the Chakras

What was really happening when Jesus walked on water or calmed a storm with a command, as described in the Christian New Testament? What’s behind the Chinese stories of the hsien, avatars who ascend to the heavens without really dying? These just might be the product of the eleventh and twelfth chakras and auric layers at work.

The eleventh auric field is a film around our body, but if we were to slice it open, we would perceive a field of blinking lights. The streams of energy from these lights link into our brain, higher and lower chakras, and our hands and feet. For the trained and initiated, we can use this field to command and direct energies in a way so powerful, we, too, could walk on water, make a tumor disappear, or pull a coin out of the air.

The eleventh chakra is our connection into a level of existence that deals with powers and forces. (It is described in my series, Advanced Chakra Healing as the power pathway.) Through mental command, we can call forth and shift natural and supernatural energies to do our will. Natural energies include elemental forces, such as those of the air, water, fire, and more. Supernatural energies include the rays, cosmic, star, inter-dimensional, and spiritual forces.

The twelfth chakra is used differently by each of us. It really represents our individual self and potential for excellence. Through it, we can summon spiritual, human, and physical help and assistance supportive of our spiritual mission. When we become really good at something, we are involving our twelfth chakra in everything we do. We are all programmed for success.

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