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  • Are you seeking insight?

  • Are you ready to stretch beyond "coping" with life to actually excelling at it?

  • Could you benefit from a healing word or the touch of grace?

Cyndi has provided over 65,000 individuals and organizations with skill-based and heart-centered intuitive consultations and energy healings, clocking over 27 years in the intuitive sciences.

She looks forward to offering her inspiring services to you.


Cyndi knows that we are all intuitive. Gifted in psychic vision, sensing, and hearing as a child, Cyndi focuses her intuitive attention on you, providing perceptions about your deeper psyche, spiritual self, health issues, needs, and desires. Sometimes a shift in understanding is enough to change your life. Sometimes a glimpse into the invisible, the past, or the possible future, can encourage an exciting direction. And sometimes seeing yourself more accurately (or lovingly) is enough to live as your true self.

Ultimately Cyndi’s sessions, whether focused on information or healing, are aim at uncovering your true identity. Each individual carries a specific destiny, which is easier to realize if you can perceive yourself through the eyes of the Divine. Joy and prosperity follow accepting your true brilliance and divine calling.

Every first session includes a spiritual gift assessment, a description of your unique spiritual gifts and capabilities, such as the ability to manifest, heal, empathize, prophesize, strategize, administrate, and more. She perceives these characteristics as colors through her intuitive vision and is highly skilled at using this information to describe your destiny, successful career paths, relationship needs, optimum health potential, and the types of problems or blocks impeding growth, stifling love, or compromising health.

Caveat: The intuitive domain is an inexact science. Cyndi cannot provide you ‘all the answers,’ speak for the Divine, or foresee every aspect of your future. Destiny is shaped by the choices we make today. Instead, Cyndi’s gifts can help you open your own abilities and destiny and encourage you to open to something even more special—Grace.

Individual Consultations with Cyndi

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These are three basic sessions:

CURRENT AND FORMER CLIENTS: Many intuitive assessments and energy healings are primarily filled with current clients. We put former clients on a cancellation list and lastly, new clients.

NEW CLIENTS--we have special one-half hour sessions for you through acuity. Once a new client has had a one-half hour session, they are invited to book one hour sessions at a rate lower than that of the one-half hour. To book these one-hour sessions, please write

DURING THE PANDEMIC, we encourage all pandemic-related NEW clients to write to to see if we have any one-hour appointments available.

Intuitive Assessments

(One or more hours, phone, in-person) Cyndi directs her psychic vision, sensing, and hearing to tune into your relationship, healing, or work matters. Trained in shamanism and healing, her gifts help you decide how to make practical changes to achieve your desires. For current and former clients, you can write Wendy at to arrange. New clients must first book the one-half hour sessions.

Energy Healings

(One or more hours, phone, in-person) Free yourself from old beliefs, moldy feelings, and deep-rooted patterns keeping you tired and stuck.

Cyndi uses her intuition to help you use your own internal powers for healing and manifesting. We call on the Divine to assist with the process, so you can live the life you are meant to have. For current and former clients, you can write Wendy at For new clients, you must first arrange a one-half hour.

(Note: Sessions usually combine the above; one hour sessions are actually 55 minutes in length, stopping five minutes before the hour)

Intensive One-Half Hour/One-Hour Once You've Had an Initial Session

This 27-minute session has been created for new and emergency clients. (These are $250.)

ONCE you have had a 27-minute session, you qualify for a one-hour session. (At $350 per 55 minutes. These must be arranged through

Cyndi is HIGHLY gifted in getting to the heart of presenting concerns and unlocking immediate solutions. This is an amazing service and gift to yourself!

You can also see Healing Helpers to receive 15 minutes with Cyndi and 50 additional minutes with one of her trained professionals!

And, Cyndi still books in Immersions--six intense hours at $2595.00 to enable you to transform at EVERY LEVEL.

How to arrange a consultation:

To arrange a session please use the form below at the bottom of the page. You will be contacted by Cyndi’s assistant Wendy to schedule a time and guided to make payment with a link sent to you AFTER you are booked in. Cyndi is ONLY letting people book a few months ahead right now. As soon as Wendy can get you an appointment, THEN and ONLY THEN is your payment due.

Questions? You can also e-mail Cyndi’s assistant,  at cyndidaleappts {at} for information. When would you write her? 

Current and former clients (must have been in past four years): To arrange a one-hour (55 minute) session

New clients: If you need help using acuity for your 1/2 hour (27 minute) session

New clients: If you've had your 1/2 hour or Healing Helper and would like a full hour

You can also write Wendy about the Healing Helpers for $295

ALSO--if you are struck with a PANDEMIC RELATED ISSUE, please write Wendy at to see if there are one-hour availabilities.  She will write you back and tell you the rate.

Sessions can be conducted in person or by the phone.

Please note that Cyndi's one-hour sessions are 55 minutes in length, thus ending 5 minutes before the hour. Longer sessions are adjusted accordingly. Please call Cyndi at the time of your scheduled phone session at 952-915-9501.

One hour sessions must be paid in full a minimum of a week in advance, before an appointment and canceled 72 hours in advance or your money is forfeited. 

Also, please note that all appointments scheduled are for CENTRAL TIME ZONE (MPLS/MN). You are responsible for coordinating your time zone with Cyndi’s time zone, so please be mindful of the United State’s Central Daylight Time on the specific date of your session.

To make it easier for you we recommend using the time and date world clock.  It is always helpful to check the time and date just before your session to ensure you have the time correct for that specific session date.

Healing Helpers are $295 and the Intensive half-hours at $250.  Once you've had a one-half hour or Healing Helper, a new client's rate is $350. Please write if you are dealing with a pandemic-related issue to see if there are special one-hour sessions available for new clients.

Enjoy your session!

 OFF-SITE OFFICE FOR IN-PERSON SESSIONS! Monday and Tuesdays! Sometimes other days! 

All in-person sessions will be at Cyndi's off-site office. The address is Southtown Office Building, 8120 Penn Avenue, Bloomington MN, Suite 455. You can enter and wait in the waiting room. There is ample parking.

The Southtown Office Building is on the corner of 494 and Penn Avenue.

In-person hours will be restricted to Monday and Tuesdays, as well as certain other days if the office is available. Cyndi usually works in the office between  12:30 and 3 p.m. Most of Cyndi's appointments are on the phone so we believe the few in-person clients will be more comfortable in an office setting. 

Please also note we have a new contact/payment management system. You may be asked at checkout to fill out your contact information again when making your payment. We appreciate your help and understanding with this. Thank you.

Current Prices:

1-Hour Individual Consultation with Cyndi

For current clients only.

Intensive Half-Hours with Cyndi


per half-hour (Please write to see if there are new client pandemic-related one-hour blocks and if you'd like a one-hour after you've had the one-half hour)

Subtle Body Immersion Healing with Cyndi


for the six hours

All consultations must be scheduled within one year of purchase or session(s) will be forfeited. 

Do you desire a deeper and more immersive experience?

Explore Cyndi's Private Immersive Healing Sessions and start your healing journey.

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Schedule a session with one of Cyndi's qualified and experienced Healing Helpers.