Souls: Who’s on This Planet Right Now?

Souls tend to incarnate in groups. Our planet is evolving, just as we are as individuals. Following are the main soul groups currently invested in helping this planet progress. They are listed from oldest to youngest.
Construct souls. This, the “grandparent generation,” is represented by souls that hold very specific ideas or goals. They were born into a world that required explicit knowledge and expertise, as well as strong values. These people needed to become carpenters or mothers, or to follow the Catholic or Islamic faith, for instance.
Bridge souls. The “baby boomer” generation bridges the old with the new, the material with the spiritual. Many came in knowing that integrity of action calls for personal change first, planetary contributions second. Over the last decades, this understanding stimulated a groundswell in personal growth, from addiction treatment to therapy to “New Age” healing.
Indigo souls. This “twenty-something” generation, which spills down into the teens and up into the thirties, is wisdom based. They want experience and freedom, but must also accept the responsibilities of developing knowledge to make practical contributions to the planet. Their representative color—indigo—combines blue and purple, the colors of communication and vision. Their ultimate objectives are to establish higher goals for this world and decide how those can be achieved.
Crystal souls. Crystal souls tend to carry very little karma—or self-protection. Being quite psychic, their challenge is to live in a depressed world and keep themselves free of the negativity present.
Spirit souls. Some souls are incarnating angels. These do not have the protection issues of the crystal children, because they understand compassion and forgiveness and do not perceive danger where there is none. These souls hold the energies of what is possible for this world.

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