The Subtle Body Food Course with Cyndi Dale



The Subtle Body Food Course with Cyndi Dale

What is your relationship with food? What would you like it to be like?

Food is energy. Food is nourishment. We all need to eat. But that's as simple as it gets. Cyndi has worked with food issues of all types to present the complications of our relationship with food, offering these ideas in this unique video class, which was filmed at Normandale College in Minnesota.

Most of us struggle with food issues because food isn't only comprised of physical energy, but subtle energies. It's these invisible energies that create food challenges to include cravings, over-eating, weight challenges, allergies, sensitivities, addictions, reactions, and just plain overwhelm and confusion.

In this informative class, Cyndi reveals the little known, but significant, contributors to these challenges, which include the following:

  • Emotional energies and their impact
  • Psychological factors from self and others
  • Epigenetic or ancestral influences
  • Anatomical issues
  • Perceptions carried in from our soul

In her engaging 4-hour presentation, Cyndi responds to questions from the class, which are written as inserts for you, the viewer, as are her answers. Finally, a rendering of the subtle issues related to foods and other substances. As one of the participants in the class said, “This information needs to be made available for everyone, including therapists and all people with food issues.”