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The SHIFT Network's  Energy Healing Certification w/ Cyndi Dale


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Energy Work for the Everyday to Elite Athlete: How to Achieve Optimal Sports Performance 

Intuitive Analysis and Healings with Cyndi Dale and Carol LaSota Rouffaud

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Energy Healing Certification Course with Cyndi Dale

Learn advanced techniques for healing yourself and others.

In this Energy Healing Certification program with Cyndi, where you’ll take a deep dive into four levels of reality that serve as gateways to an abundance of ancient knowledge and tools for the rapid and sustainable transformation of anything that ails you.

Cyndi will guide you through a journey of incomparable depth and breadth, leading you through a comprehensive understanding of each of the pathways — and provide you with a treasure chest of tools that can empower you to profoundly examine and resolve any issues that plague you...

... so you can emerge as the most magnificent being you know you were born to be — and then go on to facilitate the same kind of healing and transformation for others.


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