Start a Thriving Healing Arts Business


Start a Thriving Healing Arts Business Bundle for Healing Arts Practitioners

Elevate your practice with our exclusive Healing Arts Bundle, meticulously crafted for dedicated Healing Arts Practitioners. This transformative collection is anchored by Anthony J.W. Benson’s acclaimed “Guided Meditation for a Thriving Healing Arts Business.” Let Anthony’s soothing voice and insightful meditation techniques guide you toward a flourishing practice, aligning your spirit with success and fulfillment.

In addition to this meditative cornerstone, the bundle offers a rich tapestry of knowledge with “Healing Traditions Around the World, a comprehensive document that explores the diverse and fascinating healing practices from various cultures. This enlightening read not only broadens your perspective but also integrates global wisdom into your own practice.

Delve into “Navigating the Future: Trends & Opportunities in the Healing Arts,” a forward-looking document that identifies emerging trends and uncovers new opportunities in the healing arts landscape. This essential read prepares you for the evolving future, ensuring your practice remains relevant and impactful.

Finally, the bundle includes the interactive “Quiz: What’s Your Healing Ethic?” This engaging and introspective quiz helps you understand your ethical standpoint in the healing arts, fostering a deeper connection with your practice’s core values and principles.

Together, these resources form a synergistic toolkit, empowering you to elevate your healing arts practice to new heights of expertise, ethics, and success.

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Anthony J.W. Benson

Infused with a rare blend of soulful wisdom and practical business acumen, Anthony J.W. Benson is a luminous guide in the transformative realms of holistic well-being and entrepreneurial spirit. As the visionary founder and Creative Director of injoi Creative, Anthony specializes in nurturing the unique gifts of healing artists, mindful authors, spiritual musicians, and small and large conscious enterprises.

Originating from the mystic heart of London, England, Anthony's journey spans almost four decades in the multifaceted spheres of communications and entertainment. His soul's mission is to collaboratively bring dreams into tangible reality. Anthony's work is not just a career but a calling, as he partners with individuals and organizations to co-create transformative experiences.

A virtuoso in diverse roles—speaker, mentor, and author—Anthony's impact resonates across multiple spectrums. He has cultivated sacred relationships, professional and personal, with spiritual and emotional development luminaries such as Cyndi Dale (his long-time friend, client, and business partner), Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Deanna Minich, Ph.D., Shamani Jain Ph.D., Margaret Paul, Ph.D., and many more. These gifted souls will attest to Anthony's extraordinary abilities, his infusion of humor, and the transformative insights and guidance he brings into the evolution of their writing, speaking, publishing, and artistic endeavors.

As a sought-after guest in conscious media, Anthony's voice has touched hearts through platforms like The Wisdom Channel, Blog Talk Radio, and Co-Creator Network. His expertise is celebrated in esteemed publications like Elephant Journal, Evolving Wellness, and Essence Magazine, elevating him as a leading authority in holistic personal and business development.

A captivating orator and an emergent wisdom keeper in the transformative arts, Anthony has enchanted audiences from American stages to far-flung venues in Beijing, China. His teachings act as a catalytic force, motivating seekers to unearth and actualize their innermost passions. Drawing upon his deep reservoirs of business and creative insights, Anthony is a master life-enhancement coach, illuminating the path for all drawn to the healing arts.

In essence, Anthony J.W. Benson is a soul alchemist and business strategist, guiding us to manifest our highest visions in both the spiritual and material worlds.

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You will be added to both Cyndi and Anthony's respective mailing lists. You may unsubscribe at any time.
The link for download will be in your email receipt.