Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul’s Journey Through the Worlds Beyond


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A Journey Beyond the Veil of Life and Death

We have all wondered what happens to us after we die, but did you know that you are connected to the afterlife right now? According to Cyndi Dale, our souls evolve through spiritual dimensions that are linked to our physical bodies at this very moment—and which we can access at any time for insight, wisdom, and healing. With Illuminating the Afterlife, this renowned psychic and intuitive healer presents a powerful vision of the “Planes of Light” that exist beyond this lifetime, along with guided practices to open up the territory that is usually available only after death. Join this gifted teacher to discover:

• Is there really a “Heaven” and a “Hell”? What are ghosts, and why do they manifest? Answers to the most common questions about the afterlife.

• The chakras and the afterlife—how each Plane of Light connects to your body through these energy centers.

• How to make contact with your spirit guides and the masters of each dimension of the afterlife.

• Meditations for safely traveling past the threshold of death to receive knowledge, peace, healing energy, and divine love.

3 CDs, 3 hours or 3 MP3s