Clairvoyant Training Intensive: The Ultimate Super-Sense for Healing, Manifesting, and Receiving Guidance



What Is Included In The Clairvoyant Training Intensive:

Respectively, the art of psychically seeing and that of psychically hearing is fundamental to obtaining guidance and performing a situational analysis. 

We’ll cover the biological and energetic structures involved in each spiritual gift; ways to employ several chakras to access information; and the need for boundaries and protection. 

You’ll learn two styles of clairvoyance and three of clairaudience.

The class is delivered as a clinic structure with the following schedule:

  • Instruction. Approximately one hour.
  • Practice. Demonstrations and technique. Approximately one-half hour.

Products Included:

  • 45 Minute Clairvoyant Training Intensive Session
  • BONUS Exercise: Signature Technique – Spirit to Spirit to Receive Spiritual Guidance
  • BONUS Exercise: Signature Technique – Healing Streams of Grace
  • BONUS Exercise: Activation Session – Be Your Own Clairvoyant Oracle