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“The soul does not want to sing endless angel songs in heaven. It wants experience.
For this, it comes to life. And then, taking life's experience along, it learns more in the afterlife.”
– Cyndi Dale, Illuminating the Afterlife

Hello, I'm Erin, staff member and your “eyes and ears” at New Renaissance Bookshop. Death is often too scary and mysterious for us to discuss comfortably. The tragedy of Alzheimer's and suicide can linger in our hearts unhealed, but through understanding the soul's journey of leaving the body into other realms, author Cyndi Dale believes life can become exponentially more precious and radiant. With a medical, psychological, and spiritual knowledge of death, Dale lets us peek into this mystical world in her latest book, Illuminating the Afterlife. It was a huge pleasure to interview Cyndi for the November/December issue of New Connexion, Journal for Conscious Living. With Alzheimer's and suicide having affected my family, her answers to my questions brought a tremendous amount of peace, understanding, and clarity. I hope it does the same for you.

Q: What happens to Alzheimer's patients on the soul level?

A: Spiritually, Alzheimer's isn't a disease; it's a condition that involves increasing visitations into the afterlife while still alive. The soul slips in and out of the body and is able to visit Planes of Light where rest, evaluation, and healing take place. Once their memory is perceived to be gone, their bodies are able to relax into receiving more spiritual energy which is full of love and grace. When the body dies, the soul has been healed at a high level, so it's ready to leap into important and purposeful service immediately after death. I've worked in many senior homes and have seen how Alzheimer's patients bring the energy of spirit to this world by maintaining physical existence. Sparkles of sunlight, rushes of wind, and incredible portals of light are often around these people because the door is open. I believe them to be spiritual warriors.

Q: What can the families of Alzheimer's patients do to help their loved ones and themselves?

A: They first need to realize that God is not punishing anyone here. There is a higher purpose for the soul to choose this condition. It's a chance for their loved one to get what they need spiritually. Unconditional love is the most profound lesson in all of this. They must seek unconditional love within, so the patient can genuinely receive and feel the same gift. Alzheimer's teaches the family how to set boundaries, make sacrifices, and open to the community around them. Because caring for an Alzheimer's person is about asking, “How are we going to do this together?”

Q: Why does the soul choose suicide?

A: Once again, we must understand that it is not a sin and the person is not going to hell for killing himself. Life doesn't have what this soul needs, and the realization of this is desperate and painful. They are unable to accept love in their physical existence, and so their choice to seek love is brave; they had to move toward light. On the other side, they are held lovingly in a dream-like state where they visit the Plane of Rest. There they go through a gentle process of accepting love and forgiving themselves and others. They visit loved ones through this work and become guides for people on this planet.

Q: How can the families of suicide victims heal and what is their soul lesson in this?

A:  It's all about self-forgiveness. They have to believe that God, or whatever higher power they believe in, is better to handle this than any of us. I tell them to be open to contact because every family receives signs saying, “I'm OK.”

Q: Why do we feel so uncomfortable and afraid of death?

A: We have a tendency to resist spiritual energy. Its love and grace is so exquisite, it's hard for us to let it in. We have built walls of fear that feed darkness. Darkness is not evil, it's just closed off from God. We can break free from this contracted state by opening our arms wide so our hands can be held. We have to have help from other realms to deal with the world as it is. The more work we do to open to light, the more we are helped from the other side.

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