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Essential Energy Column by Cyndi Dale

Essential Energy Medicine and Surgery

by Cyndi Dale

Imagine yourself in a cold, sanitized office. The nurse’s curt order to “wait in here” still echoes in your mind. You hear the precise clip of her rubber-soled shoes leading from the sealed door, and you wonder if you’ve been entombed.
The door opens and you smell the ammonia that every physician’s white coat seemingly off-gasses. You know why authors use the phrase, “her heart leaped out of her chest,” to describe moments like this. Will you be condemned to surgery—or not? Perhaps you’ve been through this scenario; assuredly, you’ve provided support, advice, and maybe treatment to a loved one or client. Every year, there are over 230 million major surgeries performed worldwide and 200 million in America. These figures don’t include the procedures that leave cowards like me begging for a Valium—or holistically, gulping Rescue Remedy. I’d prefer Swine flu to being stabbed with a vaccine and have unfortunately passed my phobia to my youngest son, whose expensive Star Wars collectibles overflow into kitchen and bathroom cabinets. There’s one for every stitch, band-aid, splinter, and even threat of a shot.
Of all treatments, surgery is perhaps the scariest. There’s something illogical about employing injury to heal an injury. We feel violated. Ethically, however, it might be the only option with supportive research. Economically it’s often the only insured solution.
How do you approach the topic as an energy medicine specialist if you think there might be alternatives, or at least other complements? I try and remember two simple facts when I’m in the position to affect someone else’s decision or well being.
First, I remind myself that all medicine is energy medicine, even allopathic. After all, everything is energy. The issue isn’t whether or not acupuncture, hands-on healing, or toning constitutes “better” energy medicine than allopathic, but which best serves the individual. I advise following a qualified physician’s lead with supplemental complementary care unless there’s an outstanding reason to avoid such care. I’ve seen the results of avoiding straightforward “traditional” care altogether. Despite my protests, one of my clients refused a lump biopsy because she preferred holistic medicine. She now has fourth stage melanoma and can only employ energy medicine. We don’t want to limit healing options—we want to expand them.
I also consider the power of belief. As Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, once pointed out, “What the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve.” Some people simply believe in surgery. No amount of chanting, meditation, or macrobiotic dieting is going to change that. Some believe in holistic care. I’m not going to alter that, either. Studies show that patient’s belief is prophetic. A placebo alone relieves symptom in 30 to 40 percent of people, regardless of the condition. (1) A study from Baylor University showed that “fake knee surgery” was as effective as “real knee surgery.” (2)
This doesn’t mean that people can’t change their beliefs. Gandhi didn’t believe in Western medicine, until he had appendicitis. As surgery was the only hope, he simply decided to believe in surgery. Sometimes a holistic method will work because someone knows it will—or must. Sometimes allopathic or energetic care works just because they do.
In general, we’re called to point out choices in every solid venue, err on safety, support healthy actions, and fan positive beliefs. For the energy medicine specialist, the summative starting—and ending—point is to LISTEN. We accomplish this through heart. Then, no matter what surgery we offer—emotional, energetic, mental, or supportive of the physical, we’ll deliver true healing. This healing is ultimately spiritual. It’s to perceive the patient or client as whole no matter what. Quite simply, the path to wholeness lies in caring.

These energy practices might substitute for or complement surgery.
• Subtle system healing in energy channels, centers,or fields. Examples: hands-on, sound, color, light, distant healing, bodily manipulation, massage, needling.
• Physical vibrational healing. Use of nourishing foods, water, movements, medicines, supplements, herbs, remedies; removal of negative influences, i.e. toxic radiation, foods, EMF fields.
• Psychic surgery. Energetic release of beliefs, emotions, energy or genetic templates.
• Inner child or soul work. A wounded self can vibrate at a “ill at ease” vibration. Heal the hidden self, heal the disease.
• Mental/spiritual empowerment. Guided imagery, affirmations, prayer, meditation, contemplation.
• Emotional freedom. Expressing feelings, regressions, therapy.
• Love. The true power of the Universe.

About the author:
Cyndi Dale is the author of The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, and eight other bestselling books on energy healing, including The Complete Book of Chakra Healing. She has worked with over 30,000 clients in the past 20 years. To learn more about Cyndi, her work, books and products please visit:

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