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New Beginnings: Trading In For A Better Deal

Every year we’re provided the opportunity to start all over again. Maybe it’s time to take advantage of the offer.

I kick myself for earlier inhibitions. I’ve usually compared the potential of “New Year” resolutions to a used car sales pitch:
“Best Deal In Years!” “Rebates Galore!” “Trade in your ‘Junker’ for a Porsche!”

I’m a Minnesotan. By the time you’re driven a car of value through a winter of ice, salt, and slush, the trade-in value is that of day-old lutefisk (a Norwegian delicacy, fish soaked in lye). No, I’ve usually folded one year into the next with the excitement of eating chocolate chip cookies made with carob instead of Godiva.

Research, however, has proven that it really is possible to start anew—with a few caveats. Better yet, there’s no special “secret”, no million-dollar smile to purchase from the dentist, no multi-level marketing business to join, no quantum computer to shock one into higher consciousness. I’m not talking about the Law of Attraction or coercion, manipulation, or bribery. Instead there’s a combination of two concepts: Choice and Perception.

Can we really become something more than we’ve ever been? Eliminate yesterday’s problems? Heal illnesses and express our true selves? Biology says, “Yes.” First off, our cells constantly renew, suggesting the possibility of transformation. According to a 2005 paper in Cell entitled “Retrospective Birth Dating of Cells in Humans”, the average life of a human cell is seven to ten years, differing by tissue. If we can change molecularly, we can alter organically.

Other studies show that releasing stuck feelings, modifying negative beliefs, and believing in higher values improves our health, healing capacity, well being, prosperity, and relationships. The caveat, however, is that we have to choose to improve and this requires starting with empowering perceptions.

What’s the power of perception? Research outlined in my book The Subtle Body demonstrates that we’re constantly surrounded by background noise. Some of it’s negative. The absorption of negativity literally “makes us sick.” Other nuances are life enhancing. These advance our circumstances. If two people are exposed to the same conditions, one might notice the “good stuff” and thrive, while the other sees only “bad stuff” and declines. What’s the difference?

The main determinant of positive outcome lies in our heart. Love imbedded within our being create robust and generative effects. Hatred leads to physical disorders, unhappiness, and suffering.

One way to create radical change is to “hold an intention.” My favorite study in this area was published by Explore in October 2007. (You’ll like this one.) One ounce a day for three days of “Intentional Chocolate,” a retail product blessed by meditators, increased subjects well-being, vigor, and energy by an average of 67 percent and upward of 1,000 percent.

If eating chocolate can transform our lives, what about even more potent activities? What if we decided that the air we breathe nourishes our soul, we really deserve abundance, the Divine desires our optimum health, and that yes, we really can donate those extra ten pounds to the “Universe”? To do my part toward clinching the deal, I’ve been employing a new trick. I’ve been recognizing that everything good is already present.

I posed this idea to participants in a workshop I recently lead in Seattle by asking these questions:

“What if every healing you’ve ever received has worked? What if every vanished dream is actually visible and every lost love, already found?”

I explained that our bodies already demonstrate this truth as per research on individuals with multiple personality disorder. Documentation has proven that one inner-personality can be afflicted with diabetes and require insulin while another is diabetes-free. If we could perceive ourselves as “disease free,” what, then?

I know this isn’t an easy process. If perception is next to God, however, and we can choose to create something supportive instead of destructive, why not seek a new beginning? Why not decide to become greater than we’ve allowed ourselves to be?

It doesn’t really matter if we initiate this decision on January 1st or February 14th or today. What’s important is to begin, take the first few steps, and follow where they lead.

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Cyndi Dale is the author of The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, and eight other bestselling books on energy healing, including The Complete Book of Chakra Healing. She has worked with over 30,000 clients in the past 20 years. To learn more about Cyndi, her work, books and products please visit:

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