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I once worked with a client who toted a huge box into a session. I’m a spiritual counselor; clients seldom bring props to our meetings. He proceeded to pull book after book out of the container.
When I asked the purpose of this show-and-tell, he stated, “I’ve read hundreds of books about love and I’m more confused than when I started. Exactly what is love and how do I get more?”

There are many versions of love: maternal, agape, Eros, romantic, friendship; we might add labels like unrequited, frustrating, and hopeless.

No matter where we are in our lives, we want more of whatever love is. It’s hard to open up to and create more love, though, when we are lacking an achievable definition and a blueprint.

The seed of love that can grow into any type of tree is “togetherness.” Togetherness is the core of every type of intimacy, whether experienced as a bond between parent and child, the enduring link between friends, the assurance of self-love, or the enchantment of romance.

Togetherness is the exchange between Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, when Piglet wiggles up to Pooh, takes his paw, and says, “I just wanted to be sure of you.”

Closeness is a natural human need and instinct. It’s okay to desire it. It’s more than okay to create more of it, whether we’re single, married, or “in-between”; younger or older; male or female.

We build tenderness, joy, and connection by focusing on the four cornerstones of togetherness:

Togetherness with the Self
Togetherness with a Future Partner
Togetherness with a Current Partner
Togetherness with the Divine

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