Meaning of shapes

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Last night, I asked my soul family on the other side to request some healing energies for me.  I have been struggling with meeting needs for deep friendships and like-minded, accepting, inclusive in-person community for the better part of a decade now.  Nothing I or others have tried (and there has been a *ton* of trying, including me requesting help from the divine pathway) has really shifted any of this. 

There have been many misunderstandings, because people without this struggle don't realize that this lack can create similar biological/psychological responses to not getting enough food.  Kind of like near-starvation, only for the soul.  I am grateful I have my husband and dog, yet I need so much more, and the loneliness and isolation have been incredibly painful.  I have not gotten insight yet as to why this keeps happening in my life, and without change. 

I have been told to let things come to me, yet it is very challenging when I feel the biological need to bond, particularly after some of the tragedies recently here in the US.    

Even my soul family on the other side consists of souls I did not meet in person in this life but only have heard some stories about, and I have been thankfully able to connect and communicate with them over this last year in particular.

I felt the healing requested by my soul family coming through last night, to the point where my body felt electrified.  That is unusual for me, as I normally don't get physical sensations during healing sessions. 

And then, a few times when my eyes were closed, I clearly saw a Latin cross, inside a simple diamond shape.  No colors, just the two-dimensional shapes.  I have not yet received insight on what this might mean, and Google isn't helping too much.  Any thoughts?