Feeling bad before feeling better

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Hi everyone,


I wondered if this is something that happens when working with people. I’ve done a couple of practice sessions with two different friends. Just simple healing streams of grace and asking for chakras to be balanced. That’s is all. Nothing complicated as this is my first apprenticeship program. I wanted to practice speaking through a mediation. 
 My friend that had migraines said she didn’t sleep that night and the next day was in tremendous pain. She had a migraine worse than usual. She felt bad for a week.  She wondered if she was cleansing. 

my other friend said she felt sired the night but felt better the next day  

I did a remote healing mediation for my friends teenage daughter who has Pandas- just asked for healing streams of grace for her daughter. She said her daughter was worse for a week and then got better. 

Does anyone see this happen when working with  people? I personally always feel better after any meditations we do and any time I’ve done the techniques along. I have been getting better physically, and emotionally over the last 8 months since the program started.


any thoughts about this ?