Class Recordings

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Hello, everyone!

I am sharing the links to the classes that I have. I have received many requests, and I will do my best to keep it updated but only by month.

I have asked Cyndi’s staff and I am allowed to share these links with our classmates here on this forum from the Apprenticeship. All links are set to expire November 18th. Please download by then.

If I run out of storage space, I may need to remove the older recordings to make room for the new.

I do not have April 30th class. Please share if you do.

Blessings to each of you as you travel in this apprenticeship.

Karen Benham


March Classes!AptNSKis0Tobqg_HJZUduHKIH-XJ?e=A6zhb2


April Classes!AptNSKis0Tobqg4HBoKaHcrLIWmi?e=GTp1HS


May Classes!AptNSKis0TobqhD5EFAWTN28As5_?e=70ceHG


June Classes!AptNSKis0TobqhHk8BNP_K6sr6p4?e=MwQAQT


July Classes!AptNSKis0TobqBF6s0wUbMMuHmE-?e=GBPwjl