Individual Consultations with Carol LaSota Rouffaud

Individual Consultations with Carol LaSota Rouffaud


"I am thrilled to share my reasons that Carol is available to book through my site. Carol is one of the most natural intuitives I have ever met, and I was struck by how her style mirrors my own. She is incredibly well studied and skilled in energy--and even more importantly, she provides both readings and healing with the most potent power of all. Love. Her inspirational messages will uplift no matter how deep you dive into the darkness, lighting the way to Truth."

—Cyndi Dale

About and Offerings

Synergy Intuitive and Energy Healing Sessions

Carol is available to provide insightful, intuitive sessions and also energy healing; both are frequently combined in the same session. Cyndi has selected her as her available substitute as Carol not only studied with her for years, but Carol's style is most similar to Cyndi's.

As a background, Carol is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Her interest in healing began while working as a French Interpreter at the Center for Victims of Torture in St. Paul, Minnesota. Carol has completed Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program, the Advanced and Mastery Program, and now assists Cyndi with the new Apprentices by leading a monthly practice group. She is also certified in Aromatherapy by Aromahead Institute.

Because of her awareness of challenging issues, Carol specializes in assisting people with freeing themselves from energies that might be holding them back. This includes ancestral healing that enables a person to remove obstacles and move forward from outdated family beliefs, stuck emotions, and darker energies.

Best of all, Carol's access to her client's higher selves and Divine light opens individuals to new beginnings and their brightest futures. Isn't it time to attract the love and success that you deserve?

When connecting with your guides, Carol accesses healing energies across many realms, including the natural realm, to bring about life-enhancing transformation. Spiritual journeys to monolithic and ancient sites in France, Ireland, The Island of Islay, Jordan, Lebanon, and Malta have allowed her to access special guides and insight.

One of her specialties is perceiving the possible outcome of a choice and which decisions might create happier and healthier outcomes.

Praise for Carol

"Truly gifted, Carol effectively uses her healing energy,  gently releasing negative feelings and weaknesses and replacing them with positive, kind vitality. Intuitive and connected, Carol is able to relieve and re-energize my mind and body, leaving me with a sense of gratitude and peace."


"When my life was so overwhelming and daily life included a journey preparing for a loss, healing sessions with Carol guided me through. My loss did happen and I continue with my sessions for healing and growth which are part of life and never-ending."


"It is with a full joyful heart that I share my love and appreciation for Carol LaSota Roiuffaud.   I remember the first time I saw Carol’s smile on a Cyndi Dale online workshop.   Her warmth exuded through the screen which immediately made her feel like a friend who I could trust.    My first appointment with Carol was like sitting down with an old friend.   I could tell immediately that Carol SAW me, actually, she saw the VERY BEST of me.  Carol’s strong intuitive gifts combined with her strong connection to the Divine made the entire session salve for my soul.   I can’t explain how the chaos of the world and the unnecessary “junk” I carried fell away as she helped me see the truth of how I was showing up in the world.   Carol understood my past grief and acknowledged all the healing work I had done in the last few years.  I’ve never had a practitioner SEE my heart and my true intentions like Carol did. I trust Carol with my heart and highly recommend Carol as an intuitive guide for anyone desiring a connection to their very best authentic self.  I can promise you that Carol will hold the most empowering and healing space for you and your intention."
—Kim Fox-Gunderson 

"Carol is the absolute BEST! She has a gift of making you feel so loved and seen during her sessions and you always leave feeling encouraged. Since working with her, she has helped me through anxiety, grief, and various traumas in my past, as well as given me hope for my future. I also have noticed I relate better to my family. Carol has been such a blessing for me. I cannot recommend her enough! "

—Amber Jubie

Hour Sessions with Carol 


per hour 

Questions? You can e-mail Cyndi’s assistant at for information.

Note that Carol does not respond to emails.

Please note that Carol's one-hour sessions are 55 minutes in length, thus ending 5 minutes before the hour. One-half-hour sessions are 27 minutes. Longer sessions are adjusted accordingly. Please call Carol at the time of your scheduled phone session. The phone number will be sent in an email.

One-hour sessions must be paid in full a minimum of a week in advance, before an appointment, and canceled 72 hours in advance or your money is forfeited.

Enjoy your session!

All consultations must be scheduled within one year of purchase, or session(s) will be forfeited.