The Subtle Body Training Course


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Learn to Consciously Work with Your Subtle Anatomy for Health and Well-Being

We’re taught from an early age how to take care of the physical body through proper nutrition and exercise. But if we really want to make a difference in our lives, explains Cyndi Dale, we have to work with the energies that make us tick or make us sick at the most basic level: the level of subtle energy.

What You Will Receive:

  • Seven-and-a-half hours of video sessions and supplemental written content, yours to download and keep
  • Recommended assignments and exercises to support your training
  • A handy practice tracker to visually chart your progress with each exercise
  • Guided practices with Cyndi Dale


With The Subtle Body Training Course, this celebrated author and energy-medicine expert invites you to a six-session video series for learning how to apply your intuition and intention for healing and manifestation through your subtle anatomy. Join Cyndi for a practical introduction to the three main systems of the subtle body—including five universal techniques for shifting energy from the physical to the subtle and back again, the key to consciously working with your subtle anatomy for transformation.

Featuring guided practices and assignments and exercises for honing your skills, The Subtle Body Training Course is your opportunity to explore:

  • Channels, bodies, and fields—how your body moves, stores, and shares energy with the outside world
  • Transformation as the shifting of energy from one speed to another
  • Kinesthetic, visual, and verbal intuition
  • A six-step process for working with the power of intentionality
  • Meridians, chi, and the five-phase theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • The chakras—why do they matter and how do we use them?
  • Assessing and healing the auric field (your own or others’)
  • Elements, colors, and shapes—three special tools for transformation on the subtle energetic level

The care we give our physical bodies is important—but health begins on the energetic level. The Subtle Body Training Course will help you take an active role in guiding the powerful forces that govern both our daily experience and the realization of our long-term goals.