The Songbird Sessions – The Secret of the Chakras – Cyndi Dale Workshops DVD


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You have a unique gift, a spiritual mission that only you can fulfill.

“The Songbird Sessions presents a process to help you fully understand and share your gifts with your loved ones and the world. Whether your interest is in developing your intuitive abilities, expanding your knowledge of the chakra system, or healing yourself and others, there are tools in this series to aid you in your goals and guide you further along your path. There's a song that only you can sing into the world, and my hope is that these DVD's can help you carry it forth.”

—Cyndi Dale


**DVD 1**

WORKSHOP – MANIFESTING MIRACLES – Introduction – The Science of The Miraculous – The Chakra System – Practical Healing and The Four Pathways – The Elemental Pathway – Finding Your Core Issue – The Imagination Pathway – Duality Exercise – The Power Pathway – The Divine Pathway

WORKSHOP – YOU ARE INTUITIVE – Intuition Introduction – Reawakening Your Psychic Abilities – The 11 Psychic Gifts and The Chakras – Chakra Meditation – The Chakras 1 through 12 – Centering Meditation

SPECIAL FEATURES – The Cause of Fatigue – Chakra Meditation – Karma – Menopause – Dr. Richard Bartlett and Matrix Energetics – Soulmates

**DVD 2**

WORKSHOP – HEALING IS WHOLENESS – Healing Introduction – Boundaries – Psychic Boundary Exercise – Emotions – Holographic Healing – Book of Life – Book of Life Exercise

WORKSHOP – THE POWER OF PLAY – Play Introduction – Manifesting Through The Chakras – Manifesting Through Past Experiences – Universal Knowledge Meditation – Future Self – The Pineal Gland – Transitional Metal – Pineal Gland Healing Meditation – Closing Meditation