Everyday Clairvoyant



Professional clairvoyant and best-selling author Cyndi Dale has provided intuitive consulting and healing to more than 30,000 individuals, helping them lead more happy, successful, and fulfilling lives. Now she shares true personal stories and practical advice on how intuition can help you with everything from everyday concerns to major life decisions.

Presented in an easy-to-follow Q&A format, the wisdom and guidance within these pages is organized into three categories: relationships, work or destiny, and health. Heartwarming, humorous, and surprisingly down to earth, Everyday Clairvoyant also offers tips and techniques for developing your own intuition, while offering insight on questions like the following:

• How will I know when I’ve met my true love?
• Do our children select us before birth?
• What are Indigo and Crystal souls?
• Are there ghosts?
• Do animals have souls?
• Does everyone have a spirit guide?
• How can I find my true life path?