Daily Energizers

The Cup

Grab a glass of water, cup of coffee, or simmering brew of tea. Now imagine the Divine whispering this word into it: “Luck.” Allow the lucky potion to bubble within you all day.

Nourishing the Spirit

Just as we feed and exercise our physical bodies to maintain good health, it is also necessary to nourish the spirit.  How can we do this? By having NEW experiences. By having adventures. By making mistakes. By having fun. By coloring outside the lines. Nearly everything you can do with your physical body has a correlation with your spirit.  Don’t starve your spirit; look for the richest banquet of experience and enjoy!


JFK is quoted as saying, “Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs.’ And indeed, tolerance is taking the time to understand another’s beliefs and actions, according the same courtesy as one accords oneself. It is the withholding of judgment, reaction and criticism until the individual or situation is more clearly perceived.

A Light Heart

Shakespeare said, “A light heart lives long.” And what can make a heart light?  Doing things for other people, volunteering, sharing the burdens of your friends and family, a balloon in the hand of a child, good news – any sort of good news, a dinner shared with loved ones – even if it is pizza and popcorn, a movie to which you look forward.  Paradoxically, your own cares diminish as you share time with others.

Divine Power

Once upon a time, the Source divided its power into a nearly infinite number of buckets. To each of us, a bucket of grace, power, and abundance, to use as we wish—ideally toward furthering our spiritual mission. Have you started deploying the power gifted you, and to what ends?

Good Judgement

As we all know, good judgement is a quality to be valued.  It can guide us through the most difficult of situations with – if not confidence – at least a level head.  But where did that well of good judgement come from?  Poor judgement, mistakes, wrong turns; we all have a full backpack of these. Remember when you next make an error, be grateful, because your good judgement is getting more brilliant and faceted.

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