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Living in the World as a Spiritual Being

As we grow spiritually, there is a temptation to renounce worldly things.  But the true spiritual path is one of the everyday person who brings light to every situation.  It is as important to bring light to the darkest room, as it is  to the conference room and the supermarket.  Each of us is a child of the Divine, and when we can recognize this in others, we have taken an important step on the path to our own divinity.

Our Stone Nature

“Compel yourself to wear away your stone nature So your stone can radiate the qualities of a ruby” This couplet is from a poem by Rumi, the profound Sufi poet.  Don’t we all walk in the world shielding ourselves from view with thoughts akin to  “Don’t let them see the real me.”  Yet the inner essence of each of us is this ‘ruby’.  Each of us that can ‘radiate the qualities of a ruby’ encourages and strengthens the rest of us to continue to work on wearing away our stone natures.  Let’s all glow together!

Pull out the Arrow!

Shakyamuni the Buddha, once said, ‘If one comes across a person who has been shot by an arrow…one should focus on immediately pulling out the arrow.” Our current culture focuses on process and therapy (from which direction did the arrow come, who fired the arrow, from what wood was it made, etc.). The most direct path is the most healing.  It can be traumatic, but peripheral information can be distracting and divert the healing process. Stay on YOUR path!


In the Celtic calendar, the beginning of August was Lammas, a celebration of the harvest.  While some cultures celebrate Thanksgiving after all the harvest is in, this festival of thanksgiving happens during the abundance of harvest. And how fitting to give thanks in the midst of the hard work it takes to prepare and preserve the bounty! Take a moment, see where you are the busiest and give thanks for this special bounty in your life.

The Journey of Life

We are conditioned to plan our trips carefully; we know where we are going, we know what we are going to do, we know when we will be returning. How then, do we release this penchant for planning when it comes to the journey of life, where we don’t know where we are going – sometimes not even the next step, and we certainly don’t know where we will end up or who we will meet. There is no map but your heart for your own personal journey of life. Listen to your heart, not your reason, in order to respond to the divine guidance that will assist you in taking each step on your path in life.

A Source of New Life

We are familiar with the idea that new life begins within a pregnant woman’s stomach, or inside a hen’s egg, but what about the new life that begins with forgiveness?  In forgiveness, the shackles of resentment and remorse are released. More often than not, the forgiver, as well as the individual forgiven, is free to follow possibilities that didn’t exist a moment before.


While it is commendable to have high ideals and goals, it is also very important to be realistic about your expectation of your rate of achievement. Holding yourself to an impossible ideal can become discouraging. Our good energy reverberates into the world, helping those who need it.  Imagine what discouraging energy does. Take a deep breath, acknowledge yourself as human, smile, congratulate yourself for your accomplishments, and keep striving.

Shining Forth

Sunday, in the United States, is a celebraton of Independence Day.  Many of us, maybe ALL of us, have personal independence celebrations to be honored. Maybe it is coloring outside the lines, maybe it is realizng you are fed up with an employer and their manipulative tactics, maybe it is a relationship with which you have reached completion, maybe you have decided that YOU have something you want to write about or to speak to the world on radio.  Maybe it is time to sing, dance or paint your own compositions! You have ALL the elements and all the power to celebrate your OWN independences – go forth and dazzle!


We as individuals can experience Unity as we heal, awaken and manifest our talents and path in this world.  We have within our hearts the connection, the potential, the innate knowledge to realize this Oneness.  This is not being captivated by the glamour of Unity; being famous as a spokesperson for a path or product. Rather, it is an authentic spirituality. Go forth on your path, but listen to your heart; it has all the connections you need.  Blessings.

The Healing Power of Death

Monday is the summer solstice; after today, the daylight will be ‘dying’ a little at a time, until we reach December. We are so frightened of death, thinking that at any moment, we could disappear from our own life. Death is really the great healer. We are escorted into this world at birth. We learn our lessons here, face our challenges, and when it is time to continue our journey, Death comes to accompany us to our next destination, and like the cycles of the year, we continue our path.


Of the wrongs or errors we can commit, cruelty is the worst. And why?  It is a mis-perception that we are not all in Unity.  We are each different, but every one of our gifts is a thread in the tapestry of Unity. And consider further, that it is not just cruelty to our own species, but also to the other kingdoms with whom we share this world – bacteria, viruses, insects, reptiles, minerals, plants, amphibians, all of our gifts are necessary for Unity. Evaluate your actions, and treat your fellow creatures with respect and gratitude.

The Secret of Change

In order to change, we do NOT have to brace ourselves or fortify our will power to resist the item, habit or energy we wish to change.  Instead, we simply need to begin doing something else; something inherently correct and pleasurable for us and something which does not malign our fellow earthly inhabitants.  Conflict and opposition cannot create change as fast as energy aligned with our inner nature.

Are we making or taking

Architect William McDonough asks a lot of questions about humanity when he is designing systems; I think his concept of making or taking is a brilliant core principle. Are we helping each other in every way possible or are we using and abusing the largesse of the world we live in?  Stop and think about your lifestyle – I do – and consider what category into which each action might fall – making MORE for us all or taking without giving back. Reflect on your actions; let’s all work on shifting our choices, one at a time.

The Power of Silence

The goal is to live one’s spirituality; but we all must start somewhere. How can we practice spirituality in our daily lives? One possibility is to find ways to reduce and eliminate noise from daily life.  This opens space for quiet contemplation.  It could be as simple as turning off the music when you are driving, or ending your day with a book instead of the TV.  Look for ways introduce and increase the silence in your life and then listen for the answers.

A Blessing for the World

Live your life perfectly in tune with your higher self and your life becomes a blessing for the world.  Every good thought and action goes out in waves to make this a better world.  Consider that tainted energy does likewise.  To make this planet a better place for all beings, animate and inanimate, known and unknown, we must each commit to living the most perfect life we can.  May we all be blessed by each other!

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