Your Soul

Like your spirit, your soul carries the torch of your spiritual purpose. But it also holds your dysfunctional issues, all of which emanate from negative and inaccurate beliefs. To heal your soul—and your life and the world—it is important to understand the structure and flight of your soul. There is more to your story than that of spirit and soul.

After entering the material world, your soul acquired correct and incorrect learning based on experience. I first became aware of this truth when studying with a shaman in Peru. There was a small group of us, and no matter what life issue we professed to want cured, he would say, “Ah, negativity in the soul.” Financial problems? A physical disorder? Depression? “Negativity in the soul.” Since then, I have resolutely searched for soul-based rather than just physically based causes for my own and others’ problems. Inevitably, the issue becomes clearer and often resolves after the soul tells its story—a story that always speaks to an experience that has been misinterpreted.

Soul experiences can support spiritual experiences, of course. However, the harmful ones increase in number and intensity over time. Your soul, unable to hold onto the variety of perceptions forming its growing negativity, needed a mental storage vehicle. It createdmind.

Your mind is the aspect of self that holds your soul’s beliefs, which form the basis of your decisions. There are two main beliefs: correct and incorrect. The correct belief is I am love. The incorrect belief is I am separate.

Think about your life. Nearly every situation reduces to either believing that you are about love, or that you are separate from love. Almost every conflict in your heart and life comes from thinking you are unlovable, disempowered, unworthy, undeserving, bad, or lacking in value. Throughout every lifetime, you have been (unfortunately) proving the accuracy of these negative beliefs. Beliefs create perception, and perception creates reality.

Our souls carry these beliefs—accurate and inaccurate—from one lifetime to another. In Hindu terms, the positive beliefs are called dharma; they fuel your spiritual purpose. The negative beliefs are karma; they must be transformed in order to become encouraging. Dharma supports your full essence and evolution through the attraction of kindly, joy-enhancing events. Karma also assists soul development, through the attraction of challenging experiences.

All soul beliefs, positive or negative, are encoded directly into your body at birth via the mind. Your body is the part of the self that impacts concrete reality. When embodied, your soul’s beliefs are interpreted as what we can think of as programs, or specific ideas that operate your brain and central nervous system. These programs are based on the dharmic and karmic ideas held in the mind. When you enact your soul’s programs, you create patterns, or repetitive behaviors that substantiate these beliefs.

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