The Unseen World – of Energy

We like to imagine what our life would be like, “if only.” If only we had a lot of money. If only we were thin, more successful, or had a better car. Have you noticed how you felt when you actually obtained one of your “if only” goals? You were still dissatisfied, weren’t you? After the initial rush, you probably felt emptier than before. That’s because true happiness isn’t derived through external accomplishments or belongings. Our deepest drive is for meaning, which is an invisible, not a tangible quality.

We all want to feel fulfilled. We want to know that our lives matter and that we’re making a difference in others’ lives. I believe that this drive for purpose is the distinguishing mark of the 21st Century. We yearn for more than materiality. We’re following an inspiration to touch heart-to-heart, calling forth our spirit through connection. We strive for peace, internally and communally.

We have only to look around to understand why we long—and need—to make a personal contribution toward peace. War tears families apart while individual families war within. Mothers worry about feeding their children tomorrow while fathers wonder if there will be a tomorrow. Well-meaning individuals and organizations draft peace treaties that leaders and terrorists tear apart. It is little wonder that most of us want only to be a light, not another source of darkness, in the world. Unfortunately, the sheer number and intensity of problems facing us leave us feeling incapable and overwhelmed.

We all want to make a difference, but this is only possible if we first realize that no one can do enough to “save the world.” None of us can do enough. Real change and true transformation are only possible if we concentrate our efforts where they really matter. These actions start inside of us, in the inner realms, where we work invisibly, spiritually, and subtly. We must start—and end—our strivings for truth in the world of energy, for it is this unseen world—and the structures within it—that creates and sustains the physical universe.

Excerpted from The Complete Book of Chakra Healing ©Llewellyn and Cyndi Dale