The Key to Soul Healing

an article by Cyndi Dale

Top Ten Points

1. Most current issues originate in the soul. Heal your soul; heal your life.

2. Your soul is the part of you that travels across time in order to learn about love and gain experience in expressing love. It can exist lifetime after lifetime, always returning to the world to gain wisdom. It is to be distinguished from your spirit, which is the immortal aspect of self that knows it is unconditionally loved. It also differs from your mind, which holds your beliefs, and your body, which is governed by both the soul and the spirit. In order, these are the aspects of self that run your present reality:
a. Your spirit
b. Your soul
c. Your mind
d. Your body

3. Of these, only the spirit can never be damaged; therefore, it is never ill, emotionally challenged, or imbalanced. Most of us seek change when we experience physical or maybe even mental issues. If you really want to transform your life, however, you have to heal your soul issues.

4. ALL PROBLEMS, no matter their presentation, begin in the soul, and reduce to your original soul wound.

5. Your original soul wound is a fundamental belief that asserts:
I am separate
Instead of this belief:
I am love(d)
This wound comes from an experience that the soul has misinterpreted.

6. Believing itself separate, the soul then engages in at least one sub-belief. The six major negative beliefs are:

  • I am unworthy
  • I don’t deserve
  • I have no value
  • I am powerless
  • I am not lovable
  • I am bad or evil

7. These beliefs underlie ALL PROBLEMS. They constitute programs that create patterns, which can be carried lifetime after lifetime in our subconscious.

8. Want to heal the soul—and your life? Here are steps to consider:

  • Figure out the original soul wound
  • Isolate the major misperception creating the negative soul program
  • Experience the feelings that resulted from this misperception
  • Examine the patterns or reactive behaviors (physical, emotional, or mental) that have kept you stuck every-after
  • Create a different and healthier perspective: One that reframes the situation with love

9. For further help, you can conduct the following soul healing methods, all of which have been practiced via shamanic processes for thousands of years:

  • Soul reclamation (gathering your soul fragments)
  • Soul journeying – especially regressions
  • Getting rid of cords, bindings, and curses
  • Dealing with codependency contracts
  • Dealing with possession or recession
  • Transpersonal energy work
  • Inner child work
  • Working with your guides
  • Sound or symbol healing
  • Dream therapy
  • Shifting to forgiveness
  • NOTE: These processes are all described in my book, Advanced Chakra Healing

10. In general, working with your soul enables you to:

  • Make conscious not unconscious life decisions
  • Heal problems at their source
  • Accept responsibility for your issues
  • Bring physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational freedom