The Intuitive Way

Intuition is a system. It is a thoughtful, scientific, binding, bountiful, beautiful and disciplined system. Psychic sensitivity exposes you to any and all psychic information available, at any given time. The intuitive individual calmly selects the psychic energy that makes sense, and rejects the remainder. While psychic sensitivity can lead to amazing insight and revelations, it can overwhelm and cripple the most gifted. The Intuitive way, however, is customized to each individual and their spiritual destiny.

Within each of us lies a special calling, like a bud waiting to flower. This calling is your purpose. It is a truth of God waiting to be expressed, a bit of heaven on earth. You are responsible to awaken, to prune and to express this truth in your life, in all you do, from washing the dishes to car pooling kids to listening to friends to working professionally to living with a love. Natural psychic sensitivities provide information to guarantee that you survive life’s challenges and dangers, hassles and struggles. As an intuitive individual, however, you can break ground. By following the intuitive way, you do the hard work needed to dig for your purpose; coax it to life; water and weed; assure sunlight and warmth; and force rest and cleansing that bring forth this blossom of heaven on earth.

By participating in the intuitive way, you unfold your spiritual destiny. You create more heaven on earth.