The Energy of Money: Altering Your Negative Patterns to Attract Prosperity – July 7, 2020

The Energy of Money: Altering Your Negative Patterns to Attract Prosperity

Like all necessities, money enters and exits our life based on related energetic patterns. What templates are creating your dissatisfying money issues? What creative, secure, and abundant patterns can be activated or anchored to bring financial joy?

We’re bringing this seminar to the table right now because the topic is so timely. The pandemic is operating like a pickpocket for so many of us. Marginalized communities are struggling—and speaking up. Even if our jobs or savings are intact, none of us will emerge from these world crises quite the same. Let’s make use of this time to dig deep. Let’s unearth our negative financial programs and to establish bigger and better ones.

During our time together, Cyndi will draw in her significant knowledge about energetic patterns and frequencies, as well as the concepts in her book, Attracting Prosperity Through the Chakras. Though she wrote this book almost fifteen years ago, the concepts and practices in it are still a rich resource—a wealth of information—for times like these. Jo-Anne Brown, our guest intuitive frequency-expert, will share two specific healings for all. She will assist us in nullifying the frequencies of poverty and debt and then activate the frequencies of divine abundance.
Are you ready to energize the WEALTHY patterns of PROSPERITY you are seeking?

Then please join us!

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