Cyndi Dale's

Chakra Constellation

A Deep Exploration Video Series of the 12- Chakra System

15 videos! 3 hours of Material!

What is a chakra? Why is it important to understand your chakras—all twelve of them?

Cyndi Dale is one of the world’s leading authorities on chakras, subtle energy centers that manage all parts of your life. She’s most well-known for her signature 12-chakra system, which is featured in this in-depth, colorful, and relatable audiovisual about those spinning wheels of light that bring about better health, happiness, and enlightenment.

In her presentation, you are initially introduced to all-things chakra. You are then guided through your seven in-body and five out-of-body chakras in additional videos. You will learn about your chakra “kins” in a separate video about your entire energetic anatomy, as well as your nadis and meridians. And guess what? You’ll be able to put all this information to use through video recordings of Cyndi’s two most well-known and beneficial proprietary energy techniques: Spirit-to-Spirit and Healing Streams of Grace.

Why learn about your chakras?
Because they are your energetic steering wheels to a great life!

Why become educated by Cyndi?
Because she is the creator of the 12-chakra system and the two all-inclusive energy techniques featured in this information-rich package.


What will we cover?
Let’s take a look...


In this overview of chakras, Cyndi condenses her authoritative knowledge to reveal the following vital data:

  • Chakras as subtle energy bodies that run the entirety of your life
  • Why she works with twelve instead of seven chakras (a walk on the path of history)
  • The definition of energy—a simple one that will make sense
  • The primary functions of a chakra, physically, psychologically, and spiritually
  • Chakras as serving bandwidths of frequencies
  • The structures of a chakra and why it’s important to distinguish this information:
    • Backside and the front side of the chakras
    • Left and right sides
    • Inner and outer wheels or layers
  • The types of illuminated light held within the inner wheels of the chakras—and how they assist you with achieving enlightenment and making your dreams come true
  • The three levels of psychic energy
  • The locations and basic tasks of each chakra
  • The role of the auric fields

By the end of the Introduction, you’ll be ready to meet each of your twelve chakras!

The Twelve Chakras

Each of these twelve videos will feature Cyndi explaining the basics of each of the seven in-body chakras and the five out-of-body chakras.

You’ll learn the following:


  • Physical location
  • The color of the chakra
  • Major endocrine gland
  • Theme
  • Physical issues and body areas governed
  • Psychological effects
  • Intuitive/spiritual faculties
  • Examples showing the importance of this chakra
  • Tips and a guided exercise to clear and activate that chakra
Your Twelve Auric Fields and Energetic Channels
Your Twelve Auric Fields and Energetic Channels

Filling Out Your Energetic Anatomy

Besides your chakras, you have auric fields and subtle energy channels. Getting a picture of these other subtle bodies will complete your understanding of your chakras. Specifically, each chakra is linked to a specific auric field, which is surrounded by an energy egg. This short video will expand your knowledge beyond what is covered in the Introduction so you can embrace these magical rainbow filters. Completing the portraiture of self are subtle energy channels, fields of light, and sound called the nadis and the meridians. Come and learn about the complete subtle body that is you.


Signature Technique—Spirit-to-Spirit

Cyndi’s renowned Spirit-to-Spirit technique is featured in many of her dozens of books and is utilized throughout the world. Come and learn how to access your inner essence, the essence of others, and the Greater Spirit. This easy technique will assure better energetic boundaries, the delivery of healing, and a direct connection to the Oneness.

Signature Technique—Healing Streams of Grace

How do you deliver healing energies without taking on others’ issues? In such a way that the Greater Spirit remains in charge of the process, rather than you? There are two types of Healing Streams of Grace. Learn about each and practice these amazing fields of grace, or “love in motion.”

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