Wendy Kardia, Sacred Story Teller

"There is a connection between Wendy, Nature, and poetry that promises to provide you both energy healing and a song for your soul. In many ways, I think of Wendy as a storyteller. As her intuitive gift brings through the prophetic insights you need, your body, mind, and soul can align with ease and grace. Working with her is like being touched by Flow." 



Wendy Kardia offers 30-minute energetic healing sessions. This is an energetic distance session. Not a phone or in-person session.

How it works: Once your session is scheduled, Wendy will tune in and send healing energy at the time of the session. It is recommended to arrange a time when you are free to be resting comfortably. During the set time of the session sacred images, stories, as well as therapeutic rituals, are recorded and proposed just for you. At the end of the session, Wendy will send you the sacred story voice recording via email that you can use any time as a meditation.

The fee is $95 for the 30-minute session. Please email one sentence intention to appointments@cyndidale.com at least 30 minutes before the scheduled session. 

Visit Wendy's website at www.stillthewater.net