Shawn Hanekom, COVID-19 Energetic Healing

Shawn is one of the truly great healers on this planet. Highly ethical and powerful energetically, he has had amazing results with clients exposed to Covid-19. I recommend his work—period—and particularly for those of you struggling with Covid-19 and also seeking better protection.


My name is Shawn and I currently reside in South Africa, where I’ve worked as an energy medicine practitioner since 2006. Here is my perspective on Covid-19.

I work from the perspective that each client is a unique individual. Therefore, each client receives a unique designer session that serves them best. I first align myself with spiritual techniques and access the highest powers of grace. I make sure I have your inner permission to heal and then connect with a client’s innate intelligence.

I have highly empathic and clairvoyant powers, and so I actually check to see if a client has the actual virus, or simply the energy signature. To do this, I probe deep in the cells energetically and follow guidance to release any distorted patterns in a client’s mind-body complex. I work with a client’s immune system, as well as the gut microbiome and hormones.

It’s imperative to work with the compromised immune system. We have to build back your ability to absorb nutrition, and also check and enhance the quality of the blood, homeostasis, oxygenation, circulation, bone marrow, and membrane system. We also work with the fight/flight/flee system, and I make suggestions around engaging with alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states.

From an energetic perspective, I work with a powerful toolkit, to include the scalar waves/streams of grace taught by Cyndi, zymbols (healing symbols), negative dark green (to erase what isn’t wanted), pink, gold, and Absolute Light, sacred geometry and numbers, and the very specific frequencies of 728 and 741 Hz. I’ll also recommend diet, nutrients, and supplements, along with suitable dosages for the latter.

Of course, I can work with any of your physical, psychological, or spiritual issues, however, I stand by to assist with Covid-19 concerns in particular.

Contact: for remote and Zoom sessions