Jill Sonnek, Subtle Energy Consultant

“Jill Sonnek is one of those rare persons whose mind and soul are destined for healing. Her intuition is always spot-on, as is her ability to recommend meaningful and practical applications. Her laser-like focus will pinpoint exactly what you need to know, even as she helps bring through the specific energies or messages necessary to not only change but transform. With a heart as vast as the sky, she can accompany you on any healing journey you need to take, sprinkling your path with wit, wisdom, and wonder.”


Jill Head Shot

“Once I understood the connection between the acceptance of Divine Love, and how energy moves around and through the body, I was healed.  I decided to share this experience with others. I believe all healing comes from the acceptance of Divine Love. After I affirm that truth in my clients, the healing is accomplished--not by me, but through me.” -Jill Sonnek

Jill’s passion for energy healing began over thirteen years ago, after receiving a mixed diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain syndrome.  Medical experts said there was no cure, only pain management. They placed Jill on multiple medications. With the pain still persisted, Jill became determined to find a solution and began exploring alternative healing. Since then, she’s been on a successful healing journey, which has turned into a journey now based on healing others.

Jill has a unique ability to look at the whole person--body, spirit, and soul--to discern what areas need healing. She then works with the Divine to accomplish whatever task is necessary. Activities can include repairing energy fields and chakras and also transforming soul wounds.  She can also assess for and clear generational patterns that affect energy. As well, Jill senses spiritual beings and removes negative interference.  She has employed her gifts to eliminate demonic influences, clear negative energy from businesses and homes, and create harmony in the body and soul.

Visit Jill's website at www.streamsofgrace.net