Brilliant. Dynamic. Challenging. Revolutionary. Transformative.

Essential Energy Corp., headed by Cyndi Dale, assists individuals and organizations with finding their true identities so as to achieve success. Cyndi emphasizes that each individual carries a specific destiny. This destiny is easier to realize if you can perceive yourself as the Divine does.

Cyndi Dale’s presentations challenge the intellect while touching the heart. Thousands of people who have attended her classes, seminars, workshops, and corporate training sessions offer the highest praise in describing their experience. Whether applying her concepts to personal life, professional development, or spiritual growth, participants come away with new insights and a deepened commitment to fulfill their destiny. Both in the United States and throughout Europe, Cyndi is known for her upbeat, accessible style and her unique ability to introduce complex metaphysical concepts in concrete, doable language, offering tools to create lasting change.

Workshops and Seminars | view workshops and seminars

All of Cyndi Dale’s keynotes, workshops, and seminars are designed to include audience participation and follow-up materials. She offers a broad range of topics, customized for specific audiences, including women’s expos, corporations, spas, spiritual seekers, medical practitioners, cultural creatives, and educational conferences focused on cutting edge information for the ever evolving new age community. Drawing from science, religion, ancient wisdom, and futuristic imaging, Cyndi Dale offers a fresh and exciting perspective that galvanizes her audiences and inspires them to move forward in their lives.

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Individual Sessions | view intuitive services

We are all intuitive. Gifted in psychic vision, sensing, and hearing since a child, Cyndi focuses her intuitive attention on you, providing you insight into your deeper psyche, spiritual self, needs, and desires. Cyndi has provided thousands of personal sessions to individuals for almost 20 years, and is happy to provide you the inspiration that might change your life or view of self. Remember—the intuitive domain is an inexact science. Cyndi cannot provide you “all the answers,” speak for God, or foresee every aspect of your future. Destiny is shaped by the choices we make today and every day.

Business/Organization workshops | view business workshops

Organizations are also founded upon certain principles, and are potent vehicles for goodness. If an organization can sustain its original goals, it can become successful and healthy at the same time.

Cyndi offers customized corporate workshops for companies including hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, universities, tech organizations and medical establishments. Workshops include a specialized personality test and team building approach; teaching of change processes, communications skills and leadership; as well as strategic plan development.

Cyndi brings her unique blend of business savvy and energetic healing to the corporate world. Areas of expertise include identifying organizational history; the relationship between profit and cash flow, products and services, and corporate identity; the use of creativity; structure and administration; relationship and personnel issues; communication and main messages; vision and strategy; mission and purpose; use of power and economic forces; application of principles; and integration of these factors.

Healing Partnerships | View healing partnerships

Cyndi often forms partnerships with other healing and holistic professionals, so as to reach, teach and energize as many individuals as possible.

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