NEW Digital Audio: The Littlest Christmas Star: A Parable About Love

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The Littlest Christmas Star by Cyndi Dale

The Littlest Christmas Star

With this, her first fictional book, Cyndi Dale shares her heartwarming tale that helps embrace the true meaning of Christmas. The Littlest Christmas Star asks the question-What if we could experience Christmas, year-round-no matter our religious or spiritual loyalty? The Littlest Christmas Star is a parable that answers this question.

It's a story for adults and children, families and communities-anyone, anywhere, who is committed to opening the glow of love in their hearts, year-round. During the listening of the audio version of the book, the audience will follow the path of the littlest star ever, who falls to earth from the big black sky. In the course of her journey on the ground, she grieves for her lost friends and because of the profound difficulties she experiences on earth.

What might a little star have to reveal about hope-and the greatest love of all? Dale shares, “I wrote The Littlest Christmas Star one Christmas day, a few years ago. I was home alone, feeling sad and lonely. In the process, I learned an important life lesson, one that stretched me beyond the doldrums of self-pity, and the dogma of a specific religion. I opened to the wisdom of hardship; the need to choose to be unconditional with our love, no matter how many conditions the world might place upon love.”

Now fully produced in a new audio version featuring the voices of Cyndi Dale and Anthony J.W. Benson, this stirring version offers a beautiful musical soundtrack by musicians Steve Yeager and Steven C. Anderson ( Audiences young and old have enjoyed the original booklet version and will now will enjoy this uplifting tale of the littlest star in high quality audio.

Cyndi shares, “I hope you enjoy her company, as much as I have. I hope you see that no matter how far you’ve fallen in life—or how high it has lifted you up—you are a star. You are a beacon of hope. You are a being that this earth needs at this time, and you are welcome here.”

Introducing the inspirational Christmas favorite in high resolution digital MP3 (30 minutes in length) Produced by Anthony J.W. Benson ( Share the spiritual gifts of the holiday season with Cyndi's heartwarming audiobook, The Littlest Christmas Star.

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