Cyndi Dale and Anthony J.W. Benson's Holiday Care Package


Cyndi Dale & Anthony J.W. Benson’s Holiday Care Package

Downloadable Guided Meditations, E-Book, Audio, and Video Recordings To Help With Self-Care During The Holiday Hustle & Bustle!

A FREE Digital Stocking Stuffer!


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🎉 Celebrate the Season of Joy with a Touch of Serenity - Your FREE Digital Care Package Awaits! 🎉

This holiday season, embark on a journey of inner peace and joy with Cyndi Dale & Anthony J.W. Benson’s Holiday Care Package. It's more than just a gift; it's a treasure trove of tranquility and inspiration, and it's absolutely FREE as a Digital Stocking Stuffer!

📘 Anthony’s “The Holiday Handbook” E-Book: Uncover the secrets to a stress-free holiday with this insightful e-book. Filled with practical tips, heartwarming stories, and thoughtful reflections, it's your go-to guide for a holiday season that's both merry and bright.

🌟 Cyndi's Holiday Self-Care Guided Meditation: Immerse yourself in tranquility. Let Cyndi's calming voice lead you through a rejuvenating meditation experience designed to restore your inner peace and renew your spirit amidst the holiday hustle.

🎶 “The Littlest Christmas Star” Audio Recording: Get cozy and listen to a tale of wonder and magic. This charming audio story captures the essence of the holiday spirit, reminding us of the joy and wonder that lights up this special time of year.

📹 Cyndi's 12 Holiday Prayers Video Collection: Find solace and inspiration in these beautifully crafted video prayers. Each one is a gem, offering comfort, hope, and a deeper connection to the true meaning of the holiday season.

🌅 Anthony’s "Embracing the New Year's Possibilities" Guided Meditation: Set the stage for a transformative New Year. This meditation invites you to open your heart to new beginnings and endless possibilities, helping you to greet the New Year with optimism and energy.

🎵 BONUS GIFT!!! Steven C's "A Peaceful Holiday" Album: Enhance your holiday ambiance with the soothing melodies of Steven C's music. It's the perfect soundtrack for your festive gatherings or quiet moments of reflection.

🎄 This holiday season, give yourself the gift of peace, joy, and well-being. Download your FREE Digital Holiday Care Package today and experience a season filled with more smiles, less stress, and beautiful memories that last a lifetime! 🎁


Cyndi Dale

A gifted intuitive since childhood, Cyndi is a globally recognized authority in subtle energy, chakras, and energy work, employing a personalized approach deeply rooted in scientific and spiritual principles. Her popular 30-plus groundbreaking books on chakras, energy healing, and intuition include The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, The Intuition Guidebook, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness, Advanced Chakra Healing, and many more.

She’s internationally renowned for her ability to perceive what’s blocking others from opening to their essential energy—their unique powers and perspectives—and for assisting them in unlocking the constraints so they can uncover and apply their extraordinary healing gifts.

Having worked with over 75,000 students and clients, Cyndi has mastered the art of harnessing the power of spiritual gifts to effect exponential change and healing. She uses this ability to bridge energies from absolute reality into everyday reality.

Cyndi breaks down complex concepts into practices you can easily understand and use in your daily life. And Cyndi, as your trusted light, will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

Cyndi loves teaching! Gwyneth Paltrow’s popular lifestyle

website Goop referenced her as a sort of “teacher of teachers.” She is an admired teacher and offers in-depth classes via The Shift Network. She also leads a year-long Apprenticeship Program through her own company, Essential Energy, assisting individuals with developing their natural intuitive and healing gifts. These courses add to the numerous ones she teaches locally and worldwide in energy medicine and spiritual healing.

Cyndi is trained in several different healing modalities. Her prestigious skills include shamanism, intuitive healing, energy healing, family-of-origin therapy, Therapeutic Touch, the Lakota Way, and faith healing.

In addition, Cyndi has taught business ethics at the University of Minnesota, creating programs for students to effect change in public policy and corporate ethics. She served as a fundraiser at Junior Achievement, raising over 750,000 dollars a year, and has offered public relations consulting to companies including 3M, Hormel, and Tonka. She has also volunteered on several Boards of Directors and been honored in “Who’s Who in American Business,” “The American Women of Noteworthy Achievement,” and the “International Association of Business.” In addition, she has won several leadership awards.

Anthony J.W. Benson

Infused with a rare blend of soulful wisdom and practical business acumen, Anthony J.W. Benson is a luminous guide in the transformative realms of holistic well-being and entrepreneurial spirit. As the visionary founder and Creative Director of injoi Creative, Anthony specializes in nurturing the unique gifts of healing artists, mindful authors, spiritual musicians, and small and large conscious enterprises.

Originating from the mystic heart of London, England, Anthony's journey spans almost four decades in the multifaceted spheres of communications and entertainment. His soul's mission is to collaboratively bring dreams into tangible reality. Anthony's work is not just a career but a calling, as he partners with individuals and organizations to co-create transformative experiences.

A virtuoso in diverse roles—speaker, mentor, and author—Anthony's impact resonates across multiple spectrums. He has cultivated sacred relationships, professional and personal, with spiritual and emotional development luminaries such as Cyndi Dale (his long-time friend, client, and business partner), Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Deanna Minich, Ph.D., Shamani Jain Ph.D., Margaret Paul, Ph.D., and many more. These gifted souls will attest to Anthony's extraordinary abilities, his infusion of humor, and the transformative insights and guidance he brings into the evolution of their writing, speaking, publishing, and artistic endeavors.

As a sought-after guest in conscious media, Anthony's voice has touched hearts through platforms like The Wisdom Channel, Blog Talk Radio, and Co-Creator Network. His expertise is celebrated in esteemed publications like Elephant Journal, Evolving Wellness, and Essence Magazine, elevating him as a leading authority in holistic personal and business development.

A captivating orator and an emergent wisdom keeper in the transformative arts, Anthony has enchanted audiences from American stages to far-flung venues in Beijing, China. His teachings act as a catalytic force, motivating seekers to unearth and actualize their innermost passions. Drawing upon his deep reservoirs of business and creative insights, Anthony is a master life-enhancement coach, illuminating the path for all drawn to the healing arts.

In essence, Anthony J.W. Benson is a soul alchemist and business strategist, guiding us to manifest our highest visions in both the spiritual and material worlds.

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