About the Certification

The program is divided into two 6-month parts. Part 1 is an Immersion into deep personal healing and transformation, through which you can finally release anything that’s been holding you back from living the life you desire. This Immersion can be undertaken as a stand-alone program — if you believe it will fulfill your needs for metamorphosis, you can apply for Part 1 only. 

If you feel called to take this work even further… to cultivate your skills as a healing arts practitioner… and grow your capacity to assist others… we encourage you to continue with Part 2 of this year-long Energy Healing Certification program.

Curriculum Details for Certification Part 1 — 

The Immersion

Unit 1: Fundamental Tools & Energetic Systems — Empowering Yourself on All Levels of Reality for Self-Healing

What are these four pathways of energy healing? Essentially, they are: 

  • The Elemental Pathway — the fundamental building blocks of the material world
  • The Imaginal Pathway — the shamanic portals and magical dimensions
  • The Power Pathway — access to supernatural forces and qualities
  • The Divine Pathway — attunement to miraculous states and activities 

They provide a structured and empowering approach that allows transformation on every level of your being — body, mind, and soul. 

These four pathways are different levels of reality on which everyone operates. Interacting through them can unlock exponential and magical change. 


 During Unit 1, you’ll discover:

  • Discover the Healer’s Code of Ethics — adapted from the American Medical Association pledge and customized for energy work — and further adapt the guidelines to create your personal energy healer’s oath
  • A logical set of activities that combine ancient and modern wisdom with the rigors of science
  • Opportunities to practice performing masterful energy work on yourself and others
  • Introductory knowledge of and experiences with each of the four pathways and the galvanizing powers you can unlock from each
  • In-depth scientific and spiritual exploration of the major energies and universal structures that underlie life and support high-level transformation — including a primary and secondary grid, universes, levels, and fields of energy that cause and stop negative patterns
  • The basics of the 12-chakra system and the structure of each chakra, which can enable you to analyze and shift anything from major illnesses to emotional challenges 
  • The types of deep blocks that prevent the embodiment of spirit
  • Practices featuring your new vital energy healing toolkit — Spirit-to-Spirit; three types of light (Absolute, Virtual, and Polarity); Scalar Waves/Streams of Grace; and the all-important God Spot
  • Insights into and practices with the 12 types of intuition (divided into four categories) 
  • The fundamentals of how to distinguish between light and dark spirit-guidance
  • How to achieve mastery of your inner vision — including hearing, sensing, and knowing
  • Guided meditations, demonstrations, and excavations into these all-powerful processes and their corresponding data —  so you can immediately begin to uplift your life and spirits 


Your Unit 1 classes:

       • Class 1 — Your Basic Tools for Awakening Your Super-Natural Self on All of the Four Pathways 

  • Class 2 — The Three Universal Lights & Your 12-Chakra/Energetic Anatomy
  • Class 3 — Performing Healing With 2 Types of the All-Powerful Absolute Scalar Waves and Power Levels and Fields 
  • Class 4 — Initial Voyage into Light, Dark, and Everything In-Between
  • Class 5 — Elegant Empathy: Clair-Empathic Chakras and Boundaries
  • Class 6 — Clairvoyant Complexities: The Visual Styles
  • Class 7 — Clairaudient Keys: Listening for Guidance


Unit 2: Energizing the Everyday Into the Amazing Through the Elemental Pathway

Interacting on the Elemental Pathway is key to composing a truly great real life — one that helps transform challenges into a basis for abundance, emotional stability, financial steadiness, expressive creativity, physical wellbeing — and of course, love. 

On this pathway, you’ll empower yourself to assess and shift the foundational building blocks of our physical reality. 

This is the place and space of polarity light, where you heal your past wounds, land in the present, and help create a future through interacting with the most primal of energy principles. 

You’ll explore how to comprehend energy structures like light and sound, and negatively, positively, and neutrally charged wave particles — and the science and spirituality behind these components.


During Unit 2, you’ll explore:

  • An extensive toolkit of teachings and practices based on energy healing fundamentals — from subtle elements to colors and shapes, and microbial to trauma-inducing forces
  • A scientific and practical working knowledge of the basic energetic wave particles and fields of energy that make up everything within and around you — including light, sound, and electromagnetic frequencies — and how simple shifts of these units can perform small to significant transformations
  • The empowering ability to move the most vital energetic bodies and fields of nature — including the ground-rooting Vivaxis (the energy plumb line that runs through your navel) 
  • Ways to tap into the subtle and natural energy lines of the Earth and Cosmos — plus, the opportunity to receive signs and open yourself up to a totem
  • How to attune to the red serpent Kundalini — and the safest way to activate and guide it upward to fuel your life energy, healing, manifesting, and joy
  • The existence of your kanda, an in-body access to the spine and nervous system
  • A deep comprehension of the role of feelings and beliefs (or emotions) and how to unpin them for full freedom in the most graceful way — including the three fundamental tools available for finding and releasing entities and dark forces
  • The fundamental building blocks of everyday reality, a rich composite of subjects that include subtle elements; colors, shapes, numbers, and sounds; and the frequencies of food, water, and other bodily needs


Your Unit 2 classes:

  • Class 1 — The Frequencies, Fields & Quanta that Create Your Daily Reality, and Simple Ways to Shift Them Toward Health
  • Class 2 — Energetics of the Earth and Cosmos: Remaining Grounded While Being Linked to the Stars
  • Class 3 — The Subtle Elements Underlying All of Your Existence, and Ways to Use Them for Grounding, Healing & Creating the Life You Desire
  • Class 4 — On Fire! Safely Activating and Implementing Healing Through Your Serpent Kundalini and Kanda
  • Class 5 — Feelings, Beliefs, and Emotions and the Releasing of Interference/Darkness
  • Class 6 — Zymbology, Part I: It’s All About the Rainbow! Colors for Healing and Manifesting
  • Class 7 — Zymbology, Part II: Shapes, Sounds, Numbers & the Shifting of Apparent Reality


Unit 3: Harnessing Your Otherworldly Shamanic Potencies Through the Imaginal Pathway — Aromatherapy, Sacred Scents & Deepening the Exploration of the Self

What might you accomplish with full access to and activation of your otherworldly mystical powers? 

On the Imaginal Pathway, the shamanic capabilities for visiting the known and unknown worlds lie within you. They make it possible to uncover mysteries, access past lives, discover ancestral and interplanetary powers, and forge links to potent antidotes for just about anything.

You’ll meet your eighth-chakra, or mystical, self, then dive right into using the toolkit employed by shamans across time. Cyndi will also guide you through an in-depth exploration of the science of time, space, and the universe.


 During Unit 3, you’ll explore:

  • Personal transformation through soul journeying, uncovering and repairing your main soul wound, exploring ancestral and soul issues, activating past-life abilities, the practice of futuring, and more
  • Creating change in all levels of your life as you heal from matters of darkness and access the records of the soul
  • The roots of your own shamanic powers and temperament, located above your head in the caches of the eighth chakra 
  • The depths of your soul’s gifts — and perform deep-level healing work
  • The science of time, space, and many worlds — and how to tap your mystical motivations so you can follow the threads of time and space into your ancestor’s lives, past lives, parallel lives, and future times… to shape the here and now
  • Ways to make actual changes in everyday reality through vehicles such as the meridian-based ming men doorway, which is available during pre-conception, and interactions along the astral plane
  • Parting the veils separating you from other realms and worlds — you’ll employ the Arabic Imaginal Realm Theory to link with other planets and the spirits of plants and animals… and use storytelling and dreamwalking for healing and creating
  • How to probe The Akashic and Shadow Records and the Four Zones of the Soul (white, gray, red, and black) for phenomenal healing, entity-releasing, and life-energy building
  • The mirrors of the Imaginal Pathway to afford the simplest way to shift energies between spaces


Your Unit 3 classes:

  • Class 1 — The Mirrors of Your Shamanic Self: Of Your Soul, Eighth Chakra, and Healing Across Time 
  • Class 2 — Safe Soul-Journeying to the Astral Plane Through the God Spot to Transform Your Chakras
  • Class 3 — Uncovering Your Original Soul Wound to Activate Prior Gifts and Heal Your Core Self
  • Class 4 — The Records of Life: The Akashic for Knowledge and the Shadow for Regrets
  • Class 5 — Fixing the Four Zones of the Soul (Pre-Life, Journey-Into, Nature-Connection, Past-Life)
  • Class 6 — Making Connections: Using the Arabic Imaginal Realms for Nature-Based Readings and Healings, for Conversations With the Ancestors, and for Combating-Comforting Dark Presences
  • Class 7 — Dream-Making and Storytelling Among the Interplanetary Sources


Unit 4: Linking the Elemental & Imaginal Pathways for Further Transformations

At this point in your journey, you’ve already initiated great changes in your life. 

You’ve accelerated your healing, turned on spiritual gifts, and deepened your sense of soul. Now it’s time to strengthen your self-transformation and powers with activities that blend the Elemental and Imaginal.


During Unit 4, you’ll discover:

  • The roles of physical, psychological, and subtle energies and charges in the creation of physiological and psychological trauma —  and simple ways to alleviate the after-impact of trauma on every level
  • The scientific and energetic world of microbes — and ways to implement your knowledge of the subtle elements to create more balance and ease where inflammation and disease exist
  • How to interact on all levels with your energy field, encompassing the powers available through the external energy egg and the tenth auric field — the shaman’s rich fount of data and ancestral, past, and future connections
  • How to tap into your body’s gamma consciousness, a guru-level state of being that enables pure healing while simultaneously walking in the everyday world
  • Ways to combine gamma consciousness with changes in the body’s storage of trauma in the infra-low brain state
  • The ninth chakra, the beautiful gold energy body above the head, that holds keys to unlocking health and wellbeing
  • How to empty your Imaginal Realm knowledge to invite spirit allies to bring you everything you need to support goodness, health, and peace
  • Additional burdens caused by subtle forces and charges, enabling you to clear and recover from the imprints of your past lives, ancestors, and events from this life
  • Deep trauma-healing to help clear everything from physical challenges to addictions to nourishment issues
  • Insights into the subtle elements to change your relationship with the main microbial families — with the goal of alleviating negative patterns and inflammation in the body
  • How to work within the energetic field, where you’ll perform healing and invite manifestation — before jumping into the exciting exploration of your ninth chakra and its keys to change


Your Unit 4 classes:

  • Class 1 — Unlocking the Subtle and Physical Forces and Charges That Compose Traumatic Conditions; Creating Substantial Change Through the Ming Men Doorway
  • Class 2 — Mining the Microbes With Subtle Elements for Releasing Inflammatory Challenges
  • Class 3 — Fielding the Field: Cleansing and Creating Through the Energy Egg and Etheric Field
  • Class 4 — All That Glitters: Accessing the Key Codes of Good Health in the Golden Ninth Chakra via Gamma Consciousness and Through the Infra-Low Brain Waves


Curriculum Details for Certification Part 2 - Professional Development

Unit 1: Going for Adept Status – Performing Safe & Powerful Energy Medicine Healings & Readings On Individuals & Groups

There is a great deal of skill involved in working on others energetically. 

Whether you’re offering an intuitive assessment or performing a healing, interacting with an individual or a group — your effectiveness and confidence will increase with concepts and techniques that build on what you learned in Part 1 of this certification program.

Even if you’re quite experienced, there is always more to explore to achieve the status of an adept energy medicine healer. 

Cyndi will guide you through how to approach a session and how to use all the methods of your intuition, while maintaining boundaries for yourself and others. She’ll share the best ways to deal with friction or feelings that might arise within you or others.


Cyndi will also walk you through even deeper matters, such as how to present feedback if you believe the other person will reject it — and how to know when to hold back or not. You’ll take into account the matters of spirit, such as figuring out how to assist others (and yourself) if dark entities or forces intrude.  

You’ll delve into the practical matters, the science, and all things spiritual, so you can confidently soar as a practitioner.

 During Unit 1, you’ll:

  • Discover the Healer’s Code of Ethics — adapted from the American Medical Association pledge and customized for energy work — and further adapt the guidelines to create your personal energy healer’s oath

  • Explore the best ways to respond to common challenges that energy healing practitioners can face during a session —  from an angry client to sourcing among spirit allies
  • Develop stronger powers and boundaries, enabling you to constantly evaluate and filter energetic sources
  • Find ways to expand your access and understanding of sources by applying the ancient Arabic concept of the Imaginal Realms that you learned about in Part 1 of this certification course
  • Expand your understanding of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairempathy to improve facilitating each basic intuitive style — including how to change points of view, move data between chakras, and turn empathy into images or words
  • Unlock advanced methods for dealing with spiritual darkness
  • Participate in demonstrations, role playing, and practice sessions, so you can situationally build and apply energetic tools 


Your Unit 1 classes:

  • Class 1 — The Healer’s Code of Ethics and Keys for Performing a Reading or Healing
  • Class 2 — Expertise With the Chakras and Biofields
  • Class 3 — Expanding Your Clairvoyance for Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Class 4 — Expert Applications of Clairaudience and Vibrational Messaging 
  • Class 5 — Master Class on Dealing With the Dark, Part I: Using Your “Clairs” to Detect Intrusions, Holds & Attachments, and Disintegrate These Bindings
  • Class 6 — Master Class on Dealing With the Dark, Part II: Enabling Various Types of Waves/Grace for Intrusions via Your Three Main Methods for Healing and Unpacking Causal Underpinnings
  • Class 7 — Closing the Gaps: The Ultimate Healing Power of Molecular Science


Unit 2: Magnifying Your Every Move Through Power Pathway Practices

The Power Pathway is glorious. When attuned to it, you can summon significant forces, qualities, and energies.

Often, issues that won’t budge on the elemental or everyday pathways are stuck because of events on the Power Pathway. There are generative and degenerative forces there — huge streams of energy that can either create or destroy.


 During Unit 2, you’ll discover:

  • The Power Pathway, a space filled with forces and qualities that can create enormous and swift change
  • How to direct unique forces, virtues, and other spiritual qualities — either on your own, or with various helpful Power Pathway beings
  • The golden Kundalini, the complement to the serpent Kundalini on the Elemental Pathway, which activates the Divine Law of Love and your inner siddhis, or supernatural powers; with this Kundalini flowing, you can be especially effective with a client
  • The “setting of the seals” — lenses over the chakras that, when properly established, enable you to steer and direct creative and healing energies at optimum speed and intensity
  • Forces, virtues, and rays on the Power Pathway that serve the higher good 
  • An array of beings that can help you identify the higher needs of your clients
  • Various energy bodies available through the Power Pathway, such as the gold, platinum, life spirit, and superluminal bodies
  • How to help a client accept the most empowering of the transformative energies — interaction with microbes and the spine/kanda through the Power Pathway 
  • A special form of Kundalini that affects only positive transformation, providing a vital way of preparing the chakras to be true instruments of vitality


By learning about and practicing within the Power Pathway, you create the possibility for significant, fast-acting change. 

Your Unit 2 classes:

  • Class 1 — Securing Yourself on the Power Pathway & Meeting the Beings That Assist Through the Book of Life
  • Class 2 — Let It Flow: Activating & Streaming the Golden Kundalini & Gold Body (Brahmarandhra)
  • Class 3 — Setting Your Seals: Prepping the Chakras for Extraordinary Service With the Hidden Lenses 
  • Class 4 — Freeing and Steering Generative and Degenerative Forces to Create Great Change
  • Class 5 — Being Virtuous With the Virtues: Spiritual Qualities Through the Backside of the Chakras
  • Class 6 — The Rays of Light: Supporting an Individual’s Needs & Desire for Enlightenment 
  • Class 7 — Creating Advanced Neurological & Other Organ Change via the Hindu Kanda & the Platinum Body Transition Metals 
  • Class 8 — Working the Microbes & Additional Challenges With “Powers,” Special Elemental Energies & Beings, and the Superluminal Body 


Unit 3: Bringing About Healing Through Love on the Divine Pathway

The Divine Pathway is a state rather than a place. It’s an indwelling and an outdwelling — the place we all call “home” in our souls. 

When you support clients’ healing through the Divine Pathway, you invite their unique and beautiful transformation, which can create extraordinarily strong experiences. Along this pathway, you can help a client excavate their most painful personal experiences, which requires addressing universal life themes. 

The key to accomplishing this is knowing that you have the right to petition for help, just as your client does.

To be of service on this pathway, we must first transform our chakras into channels of light. These then turn into wells of divine power when we address each chakra’s related bowl (universal challenge). Our own energetic fields then shift, rendering us better able to relate to a client and their deepest needs. We can guide the client in their search for everyday enlightenment while we continue to remold them through compassion. It’s at this point that we can best activate the Celestial Wishing Tree, a chakra devoted to the petitioner for self-development and wish-granting.

To align with the Divine Pathway, we first activate our radiant Kundalini. We can then interact with the various angels on this pathway, as can our clients.  It’s also important here to achieve the consciousness states of hyper-gamma, lambda, and epsilon, using the theta brainwave as an inviting doorway. These are the states that have been scientifically shown to be unique to higher-level gurus, healers, and masters.

Matters of dark and light hold a different meaning on this pathway, as the spiritual laws are nonjudgmental. They allow you — and your client — to create shifts through willingness, alignment with divine will, and finding a healthy way to meet a true need. 

You can bring about physical changes through the sushumna, or spine, or any central/centrum material in the body, including its microbes. You can also employ the powerful miracle body. 


During Unit 3, you’ll discover:

  • The empowering principles of healing through the Divine Pathway
  • The spiritual laws that enable the healing powers of love and compassion for all traumatic conditions — including through obtaining hyper-gamma, lambda, and epsilon consciousness states, activating the “enlightenment bodies” as a healer, and activating the Keys of Destiny
  • Access to the angelic beings available through the Divine Pathway — and the advanced use of performing readings and healings through the miracle body
  • How to invite a client into physical and psychological change, such as through the activation of positive neurotransmitters and hormones in the body and the star seed of destiny 
  • Ways to address the “bowls of existence” (or universal themes of darkness) within a client that underpin all trauma and stress
  • How to fully activate the Celestial Wishing Tree, a powerful center for manifestation
  • Divine principles for creating change in your clients’ neurology, microbial communities, and connective tissue
  • The transformation of your own chakras and energy fields into pure light — and the songs of love that enforce their original signature (and heal the molecular gaps discussed in Unit 1), so you can guide a client through the same process


Your Unit 3 Classes:

  • Class 1 — Linking With the Angels on the Divine Pathway, Through Radiant Kundalini, to Access the Miracle Body
  • Class 2 — Holding the Higher States of Hyper-Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon to Heal Personal Trauma and Further Activate the Enlightenment Bodies and Hormones 
  • Class 3 — Part 1: Existence and Healing of the Universal Themes of Learning Linked to the Chakras and Trauma (Bowls of Existence and Transformation of Chakra and Auric Fields)
  • Class 4 — Part 2, Plus the Wishing Tree: Existence and Healing of the Universal Themes of Learning Linked to the Chakras and Trauma (Bowls of Existence and Transformation of Chakra and Auric Fields) and Full Activation of the Celestial Wishing Tree
  • Class 5 — Higher Ways to Heal All the Gaps That Are Creating Challenges, Part 1: In the Soul, to Include the Star Seed of Destiny and Keys of Destiny
  • Class 6 — Higher Ways to Heal All Gaps That Are Creating Challenges, Part 2: In the Body, to Include the Sushumna, Microbes, Secondary Nervous System & Connective Tissue


Unit 4: Serving as the Higher Healer

You’ve undergone quite the journey, internally and externally. Before you set forth on your next grand adventure, there are a few additional key concepts and techniques that will help cement your position as a truly elevated healer.

First, Cyndi will  review with you some basic concepts, including using the intuitive (and siddhi) gifts when engaging with a client or group. One byproduct of the Divine Pathway is the merging of these abilities into a state called numinosity — in which all becomes clear, and all healing energies are shared instantaneously. 

As you practice this ability on others, you’ll also delve into employing the Power Pathway and Divine Pathway concepts of self-creation and divine will, enabling you to assist the client who wants to forge their best possible future. 

Cyndi will also share an advanced exploration of the Celestial Wishing Tree — and the scientific evidence that supports it.

You’ll also integrate your knowledge of all the pathways to learn and practice a simple way to heal — performing psychic surgery with light and sound. 

You’ll round out your time together with a rousing exploration of the Planes of Light — levels of learning mainly available to the dead, yet equally critical for the conscious healer.  After that, you’ll investigate the 11 known dimensions.  

You’ll complete your sessions with a celebration, from which you’ll emerge aware of all the love, wisdom, and power you’ve embodied during your time together. This will mark the earning of your Certificate.


 During Unit 4, you’ll:

  • Explore the higher resolution of intuitive gifts, called numinosity — and how to use this capability for receiving data and delivering healing to neutralize the koshas — sheaths that cover various aspects of ourselves
  • Look into the science and spirituality of futuring to help your client make best-case decisions
  • Learn how to employ the Celestial Wishing Tree to unlock advanced transformational abilities
  • Perform psychic surgery with light and sound — and the template of the original signature
  • Fold the wisdom of the planes of light and the highest of dimensions into a client’s everyday existence so they can seamlessly execute life’s daily activities and establish true purpose
  • Experience a final celebration of gifts and friends met along the way, and a healing for the world


Your Unit 4 Classes:

  • Class 1 — The Achievement of Numinosity: The Merging of All Pathway Information for Data & Healing Through the Disintegration of the Koshas (Sheaths)
  • Class 2 — The Science and Practice of Interfacing With the Future & Advanced Access to the Celestial Wishing Tree
  • Class 3 — Psychic Surgery for Simple Healing and Manifesting With Sound & the Planes of Light
  • Class 4 — Creating Wisdom Through the Dimensions and a Final Healing for the World


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