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Calling all Intuitives, Empaths, and Energy Healers!


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Enjoy Safety, Security + Stability through Your First Chakra

This book immerses you in the power of the root chakra, featuring yoga poses, guided meditations, vibrational remedies, and more. Cyndi Dale and nine expert contributors teach you how to connect to this grounding energy center through dozens of hands-on practices, including visualizations, affirmations, healing mantras, and recipes. Working with this chakra, which is located at t


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Energy Work for the Everyday to Elite Athlete: How to Achieve Optimal Sports Performance 

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  • Gamma Brain State for Succes
  • Release an Energy Block to Success
  • One Minute to Energy Success

Pre-Order Cyndi's forthcoming SUBTLE BODY ORACLE DECK!

Renowned author Cyndi Dale provides an invaluable resource for accessing the power of your intuition and subtle body whenever you desire. Combines beautifully illustrated cards and an information-packed guidebook into a powerful tool kit for accessing your “inner oracle”—the spark of the divine that is uniquely yours.

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Quantum Energy Healing - Advanced Practices for Working With Quantum Fields, Enhanced Clairvoyance and Intuitive Healing

Join internationally renowned intuitive energy healer author and teacher Cyndi Dale and Unlock a radical quantum toolkit — full of energy healing techniques, guided meditation practices, demonstrations, and Cyndi’s proprietary tools — to create a pathway of light radiant health and profound well-being for your future.

Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program: A Voyage Beyond A Life-Affirming Journey into Self Transformation and Profound Energy Healing 15th Anniversary Edition!

September 6, 2023 - May 18, 2024

Join Cyndi Dale and participants worldwide for a radically transformative, all-inclusive, life-changing, and rock-your-world process for profound discovery and activation.

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Call on the wisdom of your own energy body
with this oracle deck and guidebook from
the author of the renowned Subtle Body reference series.

For over a decade, master intuitive Cyndi Dale’s The Subtle Body has been a go-to reference for bodyworkers, healers, yoga practitioners, and those seeking to understand their energetic anatomy. Now with The Subtle Body Oracle Deck and Guidebook, Cyndi brings you an invaluable resource for accessing the power of your intuition and energy body whenever you desire.

With these beautifully illustrated cards and an information-packed guidebook, you’ll explore in-depth ways to awaken your “inner oracle”—the spark of the divine that is uniquely yours. This engaging tool kit for the spiritual journey will help you:

Learn about your energetic anatomy: 

Explore the four key subtle body systems—the chakras, meridians, auric fields, and elements.

Develop your intuition: 

Step-by-step guidance connects you to the energetic flow of insight within, infusing each reading with the protection and wisdom of your inner divinity, spirit guides, and the greater divine.

Become your own oracle:

Each energy card points to a focus question that connects you to your inner knowing—increasing your ability to trust your intuition and receive guidance from the divine.

Hone your ability to heal and manifest:

 Guidance for a wide variety of readings to strengthen your capacity for healing and manifesting—releasing what you’re ready to let go of and turning your dreams into reality.



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In this workshop you will learn why you take on others’ energies and will create the boundaries needed to be healthy and happy—without “energetic codependency.”

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