Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program

A Voyage Beyond

A Life-Affirming Journey into Self Transformation and Profound Energy Healing

15th Anniversary Edition!

September 6, 2023 - May 18, 2024

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Join Cyndi Dale and participants worldwide for a radically transformative, all-inclusive, life-changing, and rock-your-world process for profound discovery and activation.

You will travel to unexplored destinations and maximize your innate spiritual gifts. These divine powers transform through the truth of personal exploration, actualization, and practice.

With renowned energy healer and author Cyndi Dale as your sage guide, you will travel beyond the bounds of imagination and journey deep into the realms of practical knowledge, ancient wisdom, and modern techniques.

“Cyndi Dale is a natural intuitive who teaches, coaches, and advises people with the intention of supporting them as they move toward positive change and healing. I love her.”
Alanis Morissette
Grammy Award®-winning singer and songwriter
“Cyndi Dale presents an intriguing perspective on the soul’s journey between the many dimensions of consciousness.”
Caroline Myss
Author of Entering the Castle” and Anatomy of the Spirit
“Cyndi Dale is an intuitive with a solid background in science, evolutionary theory, and mystical traditions. I personally experienced Cyndi Dale’s brilliance as she worked with me. I recommend her work to all pioneering souls.”
Barbara Marx Hubbard
President of Foundation for Conscious Evolution
“Cyndi Dale’s ability to integrate practical wisdom, cutting-edge science, and metaphysical concepts in a vibrant, enthusiastic, and engaging manner puts her at the forefront of the new wave of teachers and leaders of this twenty-first century.”
Clemma J. Nash, M.D.
Functional Medicine Practitioner
“At last, someone who shows us how to apply age-old wisdom about energies and chakras to impact their everyday lives. Cyndi Dale’s insight into energy healing has the power to transform the universe.”
Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck
Founders of the Love Center and the authors of The Love You Deserve
“Cyndi Dale offers brilliant cutting-edge theories and tools to help us break free of old paradigms that keep us fettered to unhealthy patterns and disease.”
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Author of Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval
“Cyndi Dale is clearly the 21st-century expert on energy medicine.”
Deanna Minich, PhD
Health expert and author of Chakra Foods for Optimal Health

When was the last time you took a real trip?

Not to Uncle Bert’s condo in Hawaii or Sister Sally’s farm in Iowa. Not a business trip to Chicago or a family excursion to Yosemite.

We’re talking about a real journey during which you travel into the recesses of your soul.

Into your inner being.

Into your true self.

A destination involving the discovery of the energetic essence of who you are – and your healing powers.

This type of journey is one that many will not endeavor to take. Yet, this extraordinary voyage beyond is the key to gaining entry all the way into you. You are invited to travel to unfamiliar places. There, Cyndi will guide you to help excavate and embrace the deepest treasures within yourself, including your most extraordinary gifts. Best, you will be empowered to shine and fully apply them.

This trip is one you take alone – but you will also meet amazing companions along the way. Who knows what new friends you will make? And the best part? You will travel to these unique destinations from the comfort of your home, local coffee shop, or wherever you are most comfortable.


You will journey deep into the recesses of your soul, wherein lies your mystical powers and energetic treasures, unique gems ready to excavate, shine, and light for yourself and others.


Ⅰ. Port of Entry - Energy Fundamentals

These first three classes lay your energetic groundwork. Acquire the foundation needed to heal self and others and invite lives of greatness.


Energy Basics

Preparation for self- and other healing begins with understanding the vitality of the phrase, “Everything is Energy.” Embracing the full meaning of this statement is like being handed the keys to the king/queendom of love.

Choices you never thought possible will now arise so you can meet yourself on the road of destiny and enable others to do the same with you as a companion healer.

We’ll cover the following:


Your Chakras and Your Gift

Your chakras are the steering wheels of reality. Decades ago, Cyndi formulated a twelve-chakra system that is now world-renowned. Using it, rather than the more narrow seven-in-body chakra system, dramatically expands your ability to activate and apply your power and intuition and bolster your impact on yourself and others.

Know that every chakra also holds an intuitive or spiritual ability. We tend to operate from one or two chakras more than others regarding these gifts. This session is vital to this program and will help you pinpoint those strengths. You’ll have already taken the Spiritual Gift Quiz and will debrief it in this session.

Join the group to focus on these activities:

Knowledge of the following regarding chakras:


Fields of Energy—Human Auric, Natural, and Universal

Albert Einstein, decades ago, stated that everything in the universe is made of oscillating fields of energy—nothing more and nothing less.

Comprehending this fact, and the various types of natural, universal, and human fields that affect you, will swiftly and exponentially prepare you to amplify your ability to create, release, and become all you are.

And, of course, you’ll be learning how to support others in that endeavor.

We’ll delve into the following during our time:

At this point, we create groups!

Ⅱ. Packing the Kit-Bag: Your Tools for Traveling

What are the most important techniques you’ll use on the adventure of a lifetime? You’ll learn these in Unit II.


Spirit-to-Spirit and God Spot

Two tools will enable you to perform everyday healing and supernatural activities. Today, you’ll learn the first technique and all the backgrounding needed to achieve it under any condition: Spirit-to-Spirit.

You’ll also learn to locate yourself in the center of your being. Your God Spot.

You’ll be using Spirit-to-Spirit to boost your ability to establish energetic boundaries, be open intuitively, wield energy for healing and manifesting with authority, and live a life of love. And the God Spot? That is amazingly special!

The following are the subjects of the session:


Absolute Scalar Waves/Healing Streams of Grace

Your second “only” required energy technique, developed by Cyndi based on science and spiritual research, as well as a visitation by a higher being, is using a certain type of scalar waves to make all change.

Also called the “streams of grace,” these waves can be employed to achieve safety, transformation, and joy.

The main points we’ll cover are these:


Your Team—Sourcing

“Sourcing” is the term Cyndi uses to describe the process of linking with seen and unseen data sources, healing energies, and more. Most of our sources are spiritual allies, but not all of them.

This critical topic, and the practice of it, is crucial to opening to only beneficial beings, freeing yourself from unhealthy ones, and allowing your intuition to fully and safely open.

We’ll look at topics including these:

Ⅲ. Reading the Maps and Signs

Energy work, whether for self or others, is an intuitive process. This in-depth and highly interactive section will encourage you to activate and develop all your intuitive gifts safely and effectively for professional and personal interactions. Then, you’ll immediately apply these forms of spiritual gifts to perform healing and manifesting.


Physical Empathy

Many intuitive or spiritual gifts are physically empathic, housed within specific chakras.

We’ll explore this concept while you gain tools for more fully awakening and applying these abilities, employing them for healing and in life.

Focuses include the following:


The Subtle Elements and Natural Processes for the Empathic Person

Living—and energetically helping self and others—as a physical empath is contingent on employing the twelve subtle elements that underlie everything concrete and immaterial.

You’ll love learning all the different applications of these subtle elements as we delve into the following >>>

Focuses include the following:


Spiritual Empathy

Many individuals are spiritually empathic or able to gain awareness and consciousness that defies logic and the everyday.

This is a highly challenging gift category, as it is hard to prove how and why you can sense the “mind of God” and others’ destinies.

The resulting confusion makes it imperative to understand and deliberately awaken and practice these chakra-based energetic abilities.

You will do this through investigations of the following:


Clairvoyance I — In-depth Analysis and Initial Sixth Chakra Capability

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing,” and it is an incredibly potent tool for energy interactions.

There are five types of clairvoyance, which is why we’ll spend several sessions exploring and practicing these age-old and magical capabilities.

Come and play in these ways, learning all the concepts and tools necessary to lean into this gift and employ its primary chakra, the sixth or Third Eye.

We'll explore:


Clairvoyance II — Additional Styles and Tools

You’ve already learned about accessing your sixth chakra for colorful images and visions. But—there is so much more!

Prepare to be dazzled as you open your wild and additional visual capacities wide.

We’ll explore the following:


Healing and Manifesting with Color and Shapes and Psychic Surgery

Colors and shapes compose and influence the world, internally and externally.

Employing the tools you used via the sixth chakra clairvoyance in the last classes, you’ll learn how to conduct healing and manifesting with this data.

We’ll explore the following:


Clairaudience—Introduction to Five Types and Interaction with the Classical Form

Clairaudience means “clear hearing.” Clairaudience is what is afforded you with activation and the deliberate, safe use of this exciting and informative intuitive capability.

In this, the first of two sessions devoted to journeying into—and awakening fully—your capacity for intuitive listening and hearing...

We’ll probe these topics:


Clairaudience—Going Deeper

Now let’s have fun!

To prepare for our next class, you’ll be taking a quiz about numbers.

We’ll focus on various ways to employ clairaudience:


Healing and Manifesting with Numbers and Sound

What happens when we combine sound and light? Inevitably, we can manipulate numbers, tones, and sounds to perform vibrational healing and manifesting.

Interact with these concepts and learn practices such as these:


Ninth Chakra Key Codes

Your ninth chakra is a fantastic storage house of key codes that can assure optimum health at all levels. This gold chakra above the head contains your soul’s genes

Wait until you learn about and experience the following for yourself and others:


Futuristic Readings and Employment of the Celestial Wishing Tree While Healing and Manifesting

How is the future really created?

We’ve been exploring this topic during a few of our last classes and will now dig even deeper into that amazing and magnificent question.

Here are a few of our landmark teachings:

Ⅳ. Gateway to Your Origins

Where is your soul from? How do you relate to this more supernatural aspect of yourself, drawing upon it for knowledge and abilities? Learn how to traverse all matters of your soul and others’ souls in this dynamic unit.


Your Original Planet or Star System—and Coming to Earth

Most indigenous cultures believe that humans started in the stars. You might think this about your soul, as well.

And after a grand journey, which will include a guided meditation...

You’ll learn all about your Vivaxis, a plumbline or umbilical cord, which must be planted in a supportive manner and time-space to enable you to thrive on this planet.

This fascinating session will introduce you to various planetary systems and constellations for two purposes.


Soul Retrieval, Journeying, and More Releasing of Attachments and Holds

Shamans across time have employed soul journeying, sometimes called astral or soul travel, to battle interference, access the light, and find aspects of a person that need to be healed and made anew.

This powerful session will include the following:


The Soul Records

Hello, soul! In every incarnation, the eighth chakra serves as our connection point to important records or libraries.

Come and learn how to access these for yourself and others through these teachings:


The Soul Zones

During every incarnation, the soul passes through four major stages or zones.

These secure positive events, essential relationships, and situations but are also prone to challenges.

Make use of these four zones to enable huge transformations for self and others via this data:


Your Place in Nature and the Imaginal Realms

This free-flowing session will assist you in relating to the various realms of Nature as well as the Arabic “Imaginal Realms.”

Primarily, you’ll enjoy the extent of connections you have and can make.

This will be a much-needed respite of joy and love in our program! And you’ll also be assigned the wonderful task of opening to natural signs as the week progresses.

Ⅴ. Traversing The Mind

All understanding—and healing—reduces to the mind, the aspect of a self that carries data from lifetime to lifetime and composes emotions in the body. Learn how to unlock your own and others’ difficult emotions to employ beliefs and feelings for growth and joy.


Emotional Clearing and Rebuilding

Emotions are the root of love, joy, connection—and wounding.

Did you know that emotion is a combination of at least one belief tied together with at least one feeling? They energize us—unless they remain bonded together, in which case they cause repetitive and often dangerous patterns.

Come and explore the system of emotions, including the following topics:


Virtues for Beliefs and Spiritual Qualities for Feelings

Let’s upgrade our approach to healing emotional challenges and establish ourselves as adepts in our own lives, offering the same to others.

In this amazingly empowering session, you’ll learn how to substitute virtues for beliefs and spiritual qualities for feelings. Included are examples of virtues and spiritual qualities and ways to improve perceptions continually so they reflect love and only love.

Ⅵ. Tripping The Body Fantastic

And here we are, reflecting on the body. What a vehicle for the sacred journey of spirit and soul. Understanding the dimensions of the body and how to invite true holiness within it will round out your healing education.


Model of Trauma

Trauma is a complicated situation that lies underneath most emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical problems.

Cyndi’s model of trauma, best explained in her book, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illnesses, is known around the world for its insights and techniques.

The model you’ll be presented mixes knowledge of the physical and subtle anatomies to include interactions between the following:


Model of Disease, Allergies, and Addictions

Trauma is a complicated situation that lies underneath most emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical problems.

Cyndi’s model of trauma, best explained in her book, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illnesses, is known around the world for its insights and techniques.

Included are discussions and healing points about the following:


Freeing the Wounded Self/Activating the Innocent Self

As covered in the last two classes, ALL healing of trauma involves finding and alleviating the self in a shock bubble, which can sometimes take only three simple steps.

We’ll review this information in addition to the following:


Of Atoms, Electricity, Chemistry, and Gaps

Let’s get even more physical! Intuition is about the body. Healing is about the body. Purpose, love, manifesting, and spirit-purpose are all about the body.

In today’s session, you’ll learn little-known information about your body—and others’ bodies—to enable beautiful and ease-filled transformation.

Topics include the following:

Ⅶ. The Final Destination: The Divine Child

We complete our odyssey with enlightenment—your birthright. We’ll cover celestial manifesting, activation of your higher brain waves, how to turn on your white light neurology, and access to the divine pathway.

Apprenticeship Program
Voyage Beyond 2023/24

All Sessions with Cyndi will take place on Wednesdays between 3:00 p.m. and 5 p.m. Central.

1½ hours teaching, ½ hour Q&A (along with practice training)

All Q&A Sessions with Carol will take place on Tuesdays between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central.




🗺 Excursion 1: September 6th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 2: September 13th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: September 13th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 3: September 20th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🏝 1st VACATION: September 27th • No Session



📬 Q&A: October 3rd • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 4: October 4th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 5: October 11th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: October 17th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 6: October 18th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 7: October 25th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🏝 2nd VACATION: November 1st • No Session

📬 Q&A: November 7th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 8: November 8th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: November 14th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 9: November 15th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

⏱ BREAK: November 22nd • No Session

🗺 Excursion 10: November 29th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



📬 Q&A: December 5th • Live Session w/ Carol

📬 Q&A: December 12th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 11: December 6th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 12: December 13th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

⏱ BREAK: December 20th • No Session

⏱ BREAK: December 27th • No Session



🗺 Excursion 13: January 3rd • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: January 9th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 14: January 10th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 15: January 17th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: January 23rd • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 16: January 24th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🏝 3rd VACATION: January 31st • No Session



📬 Q&A: February 6th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 17: February 7th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 18: February 14th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: February 20th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 19: February 21st • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 20: February 28th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🏝 4th VACATION: March 6th • No Session

🗺 Excursion 21: March 13th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: March 19th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 22: March 20th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 23: March 27th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🏝 5th VACATION: April 3rd • No Session

📬 Q&A: April 9th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 24: April 10th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 25: April 17th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: April 23rd • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 26: April 24th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🗺 Excursion 27: May 1st • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🏝 6th VACATION: May 8th • No Session

📬 Q&A: May 7th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 28: May 15th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🎉 Destination Finale – The Divine Child: Saturday, May 18th 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Central

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