Cyndi Dale's Apprenticeship Program

A Voyage Beyond

A Life-Affirming Journey into Self Transformation and Profound Energy Healing

15th Anniversary Edition!

September 6, 2023 - May 18, 2024

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Join Cyndi Dale and participants worldwide for a radically transformative, all-inclusive, life-changing, and rock-your-world process for profound discovery and activation.

You will travel to unexplored destinations and maximize your innate spiritual gifts. These divine powers transform through the truth of personal exploration, actualization, and practice.

With renowned energy healer and author Cyndi Dale as your sage guide, you will travel beyond the bounds of imagination and journey deep into the realms of practical knowledge, ancient wisdom, and modern techniques.


“Cyndi Dale is a natural intuitive who teaches, coaches, and advises people with the intention of supporting them as they move toward positive change and healing. I love her.”
Alanis Morissette
Grammy Award®-winning singer and songwriter
“Cyndi Dale presents an intriguing perspective on the soul’s journey between the many dimensions of consciousness.”
Caroline Myss
Author of Entering the Castle” and Anatomy of the Spirit
“Cyndi Dale is an intuitive with a solid background in science, evolutionary theory, and mystical traditions. I personally experienced Cyndi Dale’s brilliance as she worked with me. I recommend her work to all pioneering souls.”
Barbara Marx Hubbard
President of Foundation for Conscious Evolution
“Cyndi Dale’s ability to integrate practical wisdom, cutting-edge science, and metaphysical concepts in a vibrant, enthusiastic, and engaging manner puts her at the forefront of the new wave of teachers and leaders of this twenty-first century.”
Clemma J. Nash, M.D.
Functional Medicine Practitioner
“At last, someone who shows us how to apply age-old wisdom about energies and chakras to impact their everyday lives. Cyndi Dale’s insight into energy healing has the power to transform the universe.”
Dr. Scott Peck and Shannon Peck
Founders of the Love Center and the authors of The Love You Deserve
“Cyndi Dale offers brilliant cutting-edge theories and tools to help us break free of old paradigms that keep us fettered to unhealthy patterns and disease.”
Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Author of Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval
“Cyndi Dale is clearly the 21st-century expert on energy medicine.”
Deanna Minich, PhD
Health expert and author of Chakra Foods for Optimal Health

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When was the last time you took a real trip?

Not to Uncle Bert’s condo in Hawaii or Sister Sally’s farm in Iowa. Not a business trip to Chicago or a family excursion to Yosemite.

We’re talking about a real journey during which you travel into the recesses of your soul.

Into your inner being.

Into your true self.

A destination involving the discovery of the energetic essence of who you are – and your healing powers.

This type of journey is one that many will not endeavor to take. Yet, this extraordinary voyage beyond is the key to gaining entry all the way into you. You are invited to travel to unfamiliar places. There, Cyndi will guide you to help excavate and embrace the deepest treasures within yourself, including your most extraordinary gifts. Best, you will be empowered to shine and fully apply them.

This trip is one you take alone – but you will also meet amazing companions along the way. Who knows what new friends you will make? And the best part? You will travel to these unique destinations from the comfort of your home, local coffee shop, or wherever you are most comfortable.


You will journey deep into the recesses of your soul, wherein lies your mystical powers and energetic treasures, unique gems ready to excavate, shine, and light for yourself and others.

Are you prepared to embark on a monumental quest and experience an odyssey of a lifetime, guided by the revered "teacher of teachers,” Cyndi Dale?

If yes, we invite you to join Cyndi in the 2023/24 and 15th annual gathering of her internationally renowned Apprenticeship Program and discover and develop the powers of your spiritual gifts through the truth of love and self-actualization.

This year’s 15th and distinctly different Anniversary Apprenticeship Program is the culmination of Cyndi's 35-plus years of foraging through jungles, deserts, and mountaintops.

Whether digging through textbooks, manuals, and tracts; writing multiple bestselling books; teaching hundreds and hundreds of classes; serving thousands of clients; or studying everything from quantum physics to indigenous healing, Cyndi is the expert mentor of profound energy healing.


To break through the cocoon over your essential self so you can fly through the gateway of power. Illuminate your true essence by activating your transformative spiritual healing powers.

What better use for your inner intuitive abilities but to promote HEALING?

Which, in turn, invites the MANIFESTING of deep and potent desires.

Now is your chance to fully embrace your intuitive and healing aptitudes by learning from one of the world’s most educated and intuitive teachers—Cyndi Dale, internationally renowned author, healer, and intuitive consultant.

Personal Odyssey Highlights – How This Year Differs from Other Years and Programs

Learn from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your home. All classes are taught via Zoom as interactive webinars, and video recordings are shared with participants shortly after each class.
(You may also call in via phone.)

This educational and in-depth Apprenticeship Program culminates with a final one-day interactive workshop on Zoom.

Cyndi’s classes are on specific WEDNESDAY afternoons between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. Central Time.

Carol’s classes are on specific TUESDAY afternoons between 3:00 and 4:30 p.m. Central Time.


Cyndi Dale


A gifted intuitive since childhood, Cyndi is a globally recognized authority in subtle energy, chakras, and energy work, employing a personalized approach deeply rooted in scientific and spiritual principles. Her popular 30-plus groundbreaking books on chakras, energy healing, and intuition include The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, The Intuition Guidebook, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness, Advanced Chakra Healing, and many more.

She’s internationally renowned for her ability to perceive what’s blocking others from opening to their essential energy—their unique powers and perspectives—and for assisting them in unlocking the constraints so they can uncover and apply their extraordinary healing gifts.

Having worked with over 75,000 students and clients, Cyndi has mastered the art of harnessing the power of spiritual gifts to effect exponential change and healing. She uses this ability to bridge energies from absolute reality into everyday reality.

Cyndi breaks down complex concepts into practices you can easily understand and use in your daily life. This adventurous and rewarding nine-month course is open to all—no energy medicine background is needed! And Cyndi, as your trusted light, will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

You’ll discover how to use your extrasensory powers to make daily decisions—not for the self you’ve always been. Instead, you will expand into the new self you’re becoming. This once-in-a-lifetime course, A Voyage Beyond: A Life-Affirming Journey into Self Transformation and Profound Energy Healing, is the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

Carol LaSota Rouffaud


Carol is a graduate of the University of St. Thomas and a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. Her interest in healing began while working as a French Interpreter for The Center for Victims of Torture in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has completed Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program and the Mastery Program. She is also certified in Aromatherapy from Aromahead Institute.



Learn Directly from Cyndi Dale

Every two-hour class with Cyndi includes 1.50 hours of teaching and demonstrations and .5 hours of Q&A.

Exclusive AP Specific Materials Provided

Extensive hand-outs are provided at the beginning of the year.

Live Q&A Sessions

1.5-hour Q&As with Carol at specific times.

Intimate Practice Groups

During the first few classes, Cyndi and Carol will provide in-depth instruction on receiving and giving healing for oneself and others. You will then be provided the ability to set up practice groups to keep your knowledge alive and ground it into reality. Finally, we will discuss how these groups are going in Cyndi’s Q&As and Carol’s sessions and bring people up to provide examples and demonstrations.

Private Community

You are also invited to participate in a private online Facebook community page to interact with Cyndi and other current participants.

Recordings Of Each Class

Audio-visual recordings from each class will be available to you so you can watch at a time that works for you.

Easy Access Resources

ALL MATERIALS are provided on your private page so that you can go to just ONE place for everything!

Q&A's with Cyndi

The purpose is to provide time for you to ask about the personal and professional issues that arise during the class. Cyndi will address as many people as possible during these sessions, and she will help demonstrate how to perform the energy work.

Q&A’s Led by Carol LaSota Rouffaud

Carol is one of Cyndi's very skilled students and a gifted practitioner in her own right. She has served as an integration facilitator and teaching assistant for many of Cyndi’s classes for years and runs her own Reiki and intuitive healing business through Cyndi’s company. These Q&A’s are free of charge and enable a forum for discussion and practice. Fully vetted and endorsed by Cyndi, Carol will also offer a reduced session rate for all Apprentices who would like support for issues that arise during the class.

Are you ready to embrace your innate extrasensory gifts?

Are you ready to develop energetic boundaries and expertise?

Are you ready to transform your psychic, intuitive, and healing abilities into spiritual gifts?

Are you ready to be the gifted healer and spirit that you are?

Are you ready to do so through Self-Actualization?


Your healing gifts are an extension of psychic or intuitive abilities, which are subtle energy means of communicating. These are key for healing and manifesting for self and others–for receiving insight and guidance and offering the same.

They are also the means for fulfilling your unique destiny.

We are all invested with psychic abilities, which, when mindfully managed, become super-charged intuitive abilities and are used for spiritual reasons. There are twelve main types of gifts, each of which can be developed to nurture our relationships and professional expertise and used to perform healing and manifesting.

In this nine-month flagship program, which has garnered rave reviews and transformed hundreds of lives, you'll be shown how to pinpoint and develop your extraordinary abilities, the foundation for spiritual destiny, and living a healthy, loving life.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have taken this course from around the world—and we want you to be one of them.

What Will You Experience?

Why Open Your Healing Gifts?

Cyndi understands what it feels like to be called to serve others. To accomplish your spiritual mission, you are born with innate abilities that, if unlocked and opened, lead to fulfillment, accomplishment, and success.

They also access divine power and grace, inviting healing within yourself and joy in every area of your life. When these gifts are fully open, the light that we are illuminates. We can then serve as a bearer of the miraculous for this planet and our lives.

Unfortunately, life often blocks our innate attributes. Sometimes we aren't provided the opportunity needed to develop them. Sometimes they work against us rather than for us. That's why developing these gifts in a structured, safe, and illuminating process rich with information and unconditional support is imperative.

Over the last 15 years, thousands have taken this course worldwide.

NOTE: This program is half-price for anyone who has taken any of these programs:

Herein lies the ultimate purpose of The Apprenticeship Program

You might learn about your gifts in other programs, but “The Apprenticeship Program” is the only one that also helps you unearth the totality of your core self and bring ALL of you into the world.

Happily. Safely. Uniquely.

It’s the only interactive process that guides you into being a true apprentice—not of Cyndi, but of yourself.

Are you ready to ignite, inspire, infuse, and use every one of your unique, magical healing gifts in every area of your life?

Then please join us for the following:

Development of working knowledge of the main 12 gifts, cataloged according to five basic styles.

Understanding the spiritually historical, chakra-based, and scientific explanations of these abilities.

(much of this reading will be shared to be done at home if you want to learn more than covered in class.)

Application of safe boundaries and ethical principles.

Exploration of spiritually wise ways to exponentially increase these gifts—to make a Real Difference with them.

Training in how to–and encouragement to–practice, practice, and practice your highest gifts.

Advancement to the “adept level” of one’s highest abilities and calling.

Understand the nature of light and dark, good and evil, and the transformation involved in becoming the light bearer you are.

Community-driven private site/page to support sharing throughout the year.

Lots of separate Q&As with Carol, and also Q&A’s in every one of Cyndi’s classes–filled with demonstrations and interactions.

You won’t find a more intense, enriching, thorough, ethically bounded, and transformational set of courses.

Ready to arrive?

Apprenticeship Program
Voyage Beyond 2023/24

All Sessions with Cyndi will take place on Wednesdays between 3:00 p.m. and 5 p.m. Central.

1½ hours teaching, ½ hour Q&A (along with practice training)

All Q&A Sessions with Carol will take place on Tuesdays between 3:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. Central.




🗺 Excursion 1: September 6th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 2: September 13th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: September 13th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 3: September 20th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🏝 1st VACATION: September 27th • No Session



📬 Q&A: October 3rd • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 4: October 4th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 5: October 11th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: October 17th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 6: October 18th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 7: October 25th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🏝 2nd VACATION: November 1st • No Session

📬 Q&A: November 7th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 8: November 8th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: November 14th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 9: November 15th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

⏱ BREAK: November 22nd • No Session

🗺 Excursion 10: November 29th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



📬 Q&A: December 5th • Live Session w/ Carol

📬 Q&A: December 12th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 11: December 6th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 12: December 13th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

⏱ BREAK: December 20th • No Session

⏱ BREAK: December 27th • No Session



🗺 Excursion 13: January 3rd • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: January 9th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 14: January 10th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 15: January 17th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: January 23rd • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 16: January 24th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🏝 3rd VACATION: January 31st • No Session



📬 Q&A: February 6th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 17: February 7th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 18: February 14th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: February 20th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 19: February 21st • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 20: February 28th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🏝 4th VACATION: March 6th • No Session

🗺 Excursion 21: March 13th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: March 19th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 22: March 20th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 23: March 27th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🏝 5th VACATION: April 3rd • No Session

📬 Q&A: April 9th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 24: April 10th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🗺 Excursion 25: April 17th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

📬 Q&A: April 23rd • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 26: April 24th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale



🗺 Excursion 27: May 1st • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🏝 6th VACATION: May 8th • No Session

📬 Q&A: May 7th • Live Session w/ Carol

🗺 Excursion 28: May 15th • Live Session w/ Cyndi Dale

🎉 Destination Finale – The Divine Child: Saturday, May 18th 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Central


A little more about my work

I've been a natural intuitive since young and offer these gifts to help clients and groups make a real and positive change.

I offer individual intuitive and healing sessions, teach classes and consult with groups and businesses. I've also authored more than thirty books on energy healing and spiritual matters and have created numerous learning teaching programs.

If I had a specialty, it would be that I intuitively perceive what's blocking your life and path. I can then help you clear those issues to better define and apply your spiritual gifts.

Above all, my goal is to help you open your "essential energy," the powers and perspectives unique to you. This blessed task keeps me busy.

Best of all – it's fun work – the worth of joy and truth.


As you do, I live a "real" life. My two sons are my pride and joy. My oldest is on his own, changing the world through politics and public affairs. My youngest is now over six feet tall and an amazing baseball pitcher. (It's impressive, really, given that I don't cook. Little wonder that he can.) He keeps me busy with laughter and college baseball games while completing an MBA.

Then there are the dogs. What can I say? The yellow lab is a huge couch potato with an always-wagging tail. Honey is… well, a puppy at age nine. His obsession is barking at the garbage can. He doesn't care if the food in it is "waste." And playing with a squeaky toy. Besides walking them, I enjoy movies, travel, talking, and writing. Now I'll tell you more about my professional background.


On a daily basis, I serve as an intuitive coach, energy healer, and business advisor. Clients and students, numbered over 75,000, are commonly referred by professionals, including psychiatrists, medical doctors, and therapists. I also offer training, classes, and apprenticeship programs around the world, including through The Shift Network. I also love leading my nearly one-year Apprenticeship Program, an in-depth developmental process of the spiritual gifts, and providing to people in clairvoyance, clairaudience, and healing.

I've also been fortunate to conduct seminars and workshops in Russia, England, Wales, Amsterdam, Iceland, and Scotland. I have led groups across South and Central America and into Africa. My training has encompassed studies in shamanism and healing across the world, taking me into the Peruvian, Belizean, Hawaiian, and Costa Rica jungles, the Moroccan sands, the Venezuelan savannah, the glaciers of Iceland, and other exciting places. With extensive training in Reiki, the Lakota way, family of origin therapy, and more, my background in corporate social responsibility, public affairs, and fundraising keeps me grounded in what "real life" is like.

Love and Light,

Cyndi Dale

“Personal healing and empowerment had a profound effect on my life helping me to take responsibility for all aspects. Cyndi's information provides personal access to heal our own actions, thoughts, bodies, and souls to create a more connected and balanced way of being.”
Molly Harvey
International Speaker and Author of The Little Blue Flame and You Can Do It!
“Cyndi Dale’s work is outstanding! Practical and important… for anyone interested in developing and exploring their intuition and psychic senses… and an excellent way to safely open to levels of consciousness that are vital for achieving the next step in evolution.”
Andi and Jonathan Goldman
Authors of Chakra Frequencies and The Humming Effect
“Cyndi is truly a master healer and learning directly from her is an honor. Her apprenticeship is groundbreaking and life-changing from class one and anyone looking to expand and grow in the arts of healing and “psychic surgery”, her Apprenticeship Program is a MUST.”
Arasia “Alkemia” Earth
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
“Cyndi Dale’s Apprenticeship Program is a consistent and foundational part of my continuing energy education and self-care. Each year, I look forward to joining one of her programs to further develop my non-physical (energy) toolkit that I use for my clients and to deepen my relationship with my personal divinity. I am not always able to join “live” and the recordings and self-paced options make this apprenticeship a rich and flexible option for my inner work. As energy flows effortlessly through time and space, you can hear, feel, and experience the power of these calls at any time, feeling the entrainment of the live healings as if I was there. I would encourage you to join this exceptional program – for self-care, for Spiritual development, for professional development, and for the beautiful community. The gifts are endless!”
Amelia Vogler
Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist
“I’ve always been intuitive, but until signing up for the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program, I’ve not really nurtured that side of myself. After seeing major improvements in my health from natural therapies and energy medicine, I decided – based on a gut feeling – to do the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program. I’ve already been able to use much of what I’ve learned from the Apprenticeship Program to help many of my clients in Australia, the United States, and Canada. And – if that’s not enough, I’ve been able to connect with several other like-minded people – which has been such a bonus – all from the comfort of my own little country townhome in Australia! I highly recommend the Cyndi Dale Apprenticeship Program to anyone who wants to nurture all aspects of themselves!”
Jo-Anne Brown
Owner of Living Balance Centre for Holistic Wellness Inside and Out

“There's just so much wisdom in here that you don't find in everyday books about healing.”
- Brigitte Mars

“If you have a chance to work with Cyndi, please do. Don't hesitate. Just jump in. You will not regret it.”
- Kelly Sullivan Walden

“She's so in tune with her students and so loving & generous with her time. It's such a joy to take a class with Cyndi.”
- Christina Mcvea

“You can feel her love and her dedication to this work...Yes, she will blow your mind.”
- Maryam Hasnaa

“Cyndi literally just bubbles over with joy and with wisdom, and that's, as you can imagine, just a wonderful thing to have in a teacher. ”
- Dr. Shamini Jain

Lock in the BEST PRICE AVAILABLE right now

Not only will you transform and fall in love with the art of energy healing, but RIGHT NOW, you can get the best-case deal. Period. Post-haste, the price will rise!


We're offering our absolute deepest discount on the Apprenticeship Program 2023-24 from now - April 6th. To gain access to this discount period, please take a moment to register.

Pay In Full

23 - 24 Apprenticeship Program
$ 3995 Save $1800 Today!
  • Sub-divided “excursions” or units are divided into classes so you can learn one concept thoroughly at a time.
  • Provision of even more concepts and tools for self and other healing than any other year.
  • Two-hour classes with Cyndi; the first hour and a half consist of teaching; the last half hour will be an interactive Q&A.
  • More Q&As than ever with your assistant guide, Carol LaSota Rouffaud.
  • Upfront instruction on participating in sharing groups with boundaries and vulnerability.
  • Practice Groups with suggested practice prompts
  • More classes than any other Apprenticeship year
  • Private Facebook Community for this year’s Apprentices only.
  • The fun process will include receiving “passport stamps” and “vacation” weeks to assimilate the material.


23 - 24 Apprenticeship Program
$ 1000 Plus 6 Monthly Payments of $625
  • Sub-divided “excursions” or units are divided into classes so you can learn one concept thoroughly at a time.
  • Provision of even more concepts and tools for self and other healing than any other year.
  • Two-hour classes with Cyndi; the first hour and a half consist of teaching; the last half hour will be an interactive Q&A.
  • More Q&As than ever with your assistant guide, Carol LaSota Rouffaud.
  • Upfront instruction on participating in sharing groups with boundaries and vulnerability.
  • Practice Groups with suggested practice prompts
  • More classes than any other Apprenticeship year
  • Private Facebook Community for this year’s Apprentices only.
  • The fun process will include receiving “passport stamps” and “vacation” weeks to assimilate the material.

REFUND, Full Payment, and Multi-Part Billing TERMS

* Refunds are only permitted within two weeks of the program’s start.

We also have a code of conduct out of respect for the material and all other students. Remember you get MP3s and Video files and access to a Private Apprenticeship Facebook page of former and current participants. So even if you can't make the live teleclass or webinar, you can enjoy the Apprenticeship experience fully.


If you have previously taken this course or selected others (see requirements below), you are invited to retake it, take it, or for the first time at 50% OFF.

Good news! You can qualify for half off the current price at the time of your order if you have taken any of the following courses:


“As a Holistic Sha’Medium, I have always been connected to the outer realms. Whether it was through Visions, Voices, Gut Feelings, Sensations and more, Cyndi has taken me into these realms to re-unite the inner being that resides within all of us. I have been a longterm participant in her program and absolutely love being a part of her energy tribe..”
Tonya Dee
Holistic Sha’Medium
“I am impressed with Cyndi’s power to command energy. She just says something and it’s done: the deepest wounds are healed, the most hidden gifts get activated and so much more. The cool part is that I’ve just learned to do the same and I’m amazed to experiment with that and all the tools she gave us. Thank you again, Cyndi, and may the universe give you back 1000 times more than what you gave us!!”
Alina Lazarescu
Owner & PhotoReading Instructor at Atelier Einstein and Owner at Franklin Investment

“Cyndi taught me things way beyond anything that I had learned prior to her course.”
- Michael Pawlowski

"Cyndi is a beacon that ignites your light so you can be the best that you can be & help others ignite their lights as well.”
-Nami Nesterowicz

"The person who joins the course is not going to be the same person who graduates from the course. “
- Shelley Kaehr

“Cyndi has this beautiful way of taking very complicated topics and making them really pragmatic.”
- Dr. Sarah Seidelmann

“Cyndi's sessions have something for everyone, irrespective of your life purpose.”
- Upasna Chibber

“Cyndi really has the ability to break down complex concepts into very digestible parts."
- Dr. Arne Heissel

“Cyndi Dale demystifies our innate ability to recognize the truth, showing the way with empathy and wisdom. Trusting your intuition never felt so good!”
Pamela Des Barres
Journalist (Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Details Teh New York Times) and author of four bestselling books including I’m with the Band
“Cyndi Dale has a gift for showing people how to transform spiritual philosophies into practical, everyday processes.”
Tina Johnson
Founder and Producer of Mind, Body & Spirit television and radio series
“Cyndi Dale… masterfully presents a very personable, understandable, and comprehensive exploration of the science and practice of energy medicine.”
Cynthia Hutchison
Director of the Healing Touch Program


Ⅰ. Port of Entry - Energy Fundamentals

These first three classes lay your energetic groundwork. Acquire the foundation needed to heal self and others and invite lives of greatness.


Energy Basics

Preparation for self- and other healing begins with understanding the vitality of the phrase, “Everything is Energy.” Embracing the full meaning of this statement is like being handed the keys to the king/queendom of love.

Choices you never thought possible will now arise so you can meet yourself on the road of destiny and enable others to do the same with you as a companion healer.

We’ll cover the following:


Your Chakras and Your Gift

Your chakras are the steering wheels of reality. Decades ago, Cyndi formulated a twelve-chakra system that is now world-renowned. Using it, rather than the more narrow seven-in-body chakra system, dramatically expands your ability to activate and apply your power and intuition and bolster your impact on yourself and others.

Know that every chakra also holds an intuitive or spiritual ability. We tend to operate from one or two chakras more than others regarding these gifts. This session is vital to this program and will help you pinpoint those strengths. You’ll have already taken the Spiritual Gift Quiz and will debrief it in this session.

Join the group to focus on these activities:

Knowledge of the following regarding chakras:


Fields of Energy—Human Auric, Natural, and Universal

Albert Einstein, decades ago, stated that everything in the universe is made of oscillating fields of energy—nothing more and nothing less.

Comprehending this fact, and the various types of natural, universal, and human fields that affect you, will swiftly and exponentially prepare you to amplify your ability to create, release, and become all you are.

And, of course, you’ll be learning how to support others in that endeavor.

We’ll delve into the following during our time:

At this point, we create groups!

Ⅱ. Packing the Kit-Bag: Your Tools for Traveling

What are the most important techniques you’ll use on the adventure of a lifetime? You’ll learn these in Unit II.


Spirit-to-Spirit and God Spot

Two tools will enable you to perform everyday healing and supernatural activities. Today, you’ll learn the first technique and all the backgrounding needed to achieve it under any condition: Spirit-to-Spirit.

You’ll also learn to locate yourself in the center of your being. Your God Spot.

You’ll be using Spirit-to-Spirit to boost your ability to establish energetic boundaries, be open intuitively, wield energy for healing and manifesting with authority, and live a life of love. And the God Spot? That is amazingly special!

The following are the subjects of the session:


Absolute Scalar Waves/Healing Streams of Grace

Your second “only” required energy technique, developed by Cyndi based on science and spiritual research, as well as a visitation by a higher being, is using a certain type of scalar waves to make all change.

Also called the “streams of grace,” these waves can be employed to achieve safety, transformation, and joy.

The main points we’ll cover are these:


Your Team—Sourcing

“Sourcing” is the term Cyndi uses to describe the process of linking with seen and unseen data sources, healing energies, and more. Most of our sources are spiritual allies, but not all of them.

This critical topic, and the practice of it, is crucial to opening to only beneficial beings, freeing yourself from unhealthy ones, and allowing your intuition to fully and safely open.

We’ll look at topics including these:

Ⅲ. Reading the Maps and Signs

Energy work, whether for self or others, is an intuitive process. This in-depth and highly interactive section will encourage you to activate and develop all your intuitive gifts safely and effectively for professional and personal interactions. Then, you’ll immediately apply these forms of spiritual gifts to perform healing and manifesting.


Physical Empathy