Unpacking Your Past Lives

Past lives and their unresolved traumas often play a pivotal role in many ongoing life challenges, ranging from health issues, emotional struggles, recurring patterns of behavior, to inexplicable fears or phobias.

In addition to understanding what past lives are and how they influence your current life, I'll guide you through a safe + effective meditation practice known as 'journeying' so that you can clear the negative impacts of past lives, bringing about a transformative change in your present, and thus, permanently banishing their detrimental effects from your life.


Have you ever felt like a part of you is missing?

Maybe you struggle with certain patterns or habits but can't pinpoint where they come from?

Your past lives may hold the answers you seek. Join my Unpacking Your Past Lives class and explore how your past lives can impact your current ones.

Your past lives may be affecting your current life in these ways:

Don't let your past lives continue to impact your experiences today.
Sign up for our "Unpacking Your Past Lives" class today and take the first step towards finding healing and release from these ongoing challenges.


Unpacking Your Past Lives

Take advantage of this chance to experience the life-changing benefits of past life regression.

Explanation of Past Lives

Past lives refer to the belief in reincarnation, the concept that our souls have lived previous existences before our current life. In journeying, you can explore these past lives through your heart chakra to gain understanding about challenges and experiences that have shaped you.

Reasons Why Our Souls Incarnate & Impact of Past Lives

Our souls incarnate to learn, grow, and experience various facets of life. Past lives can significantly influence our present existence, often unconsciously. They may contribute to our habits, fears, abilities, and recurring challenges or patterns in our current life.

How to Check if a Past Life is Influencing Your Current Life

Using the journeying exercise, one can explore the past life that most significantly impacts the present. The focus is on the past life events that have created challenges, instigated dysfunctional patterns, or have caused you to hide or turn off abilities or powers.

Methods for Clearing Negative Consequences from Past Lives

Negative past life influences can be cleared through the healing journey exercise. By requesting healing from the Spirit and your spirit allies, you can release detrimental patterns and traumas, healing your soul and making it whole again.

A Safe and Easy Meditation to Visit a Past Life and Activate Your Superpowers

The journeying exercise provided outlines a safe method for visiting past lives through the heart chakra, using a six-step process: preparation, conduct spirit-to-spirit, establish a focus, journey and experience, request healing and reactivation, and return. This journey aids in understanding past life influences, initiating healing, and reawakening abilities or powers from past lives, thereby empowering you in your current life.

BONUS: LIVE Q&A Session with Cyndi Dale

In addition to the class, we'll also have a Q&A session, where you can ask questions about past lives and their influence on your current situation.


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Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, or spiritual growth... imagine how it would feel to unlock the wisdom and potential of your past lives.

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Unpacking Your Past Lives



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Once you're registered for the class, we'll email you a link to watch the instant access masterclass.

Whether you're a seasoned energy worker or just starting your journey, this class suits all levels. We welcome everyone to join and learn the powerful techniques to visit and clear past life issues and move fully into today.

Journeying is traveling across time and space and it's the way that you get into a past life.

Cyndi will lead you through a guided meditation that will assure that you never leave your own energy field.

We're here to support you on your journey and encourage you to continue learning and growing. If you have any questions after the class, we recommend taking any of Cyndi's classes or checking out her books. She's always happy to help and offer guidance

No, the class will be hosted on zoom, and the digital recording will be delivered to you via email. We will send you a PDF via email before the class with information about the topic.

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