No More Negative Energy!

Learn to identify and transform negative energy patterns, including how to deal with narcissists and other energy-draining influences, leading to a happier and healthier life.


Are you tired of toxic relationships with narcissists?

Do you find yourself constantly attracting people who drain your energy and make you feel small?

Cyndi will guide you through exploring the energetic patterns that create narcissistic behavior. You'll learn about the chakric, in-utero, and biofield patterns that can attract narcissists into your life and the difference between a narcissistic wound and narcissistic pathology.

The cycle of attracting narcissists can have various effects on your life and relationships. Here are some examples:

Recognizing these patterns and their impact is an important step in breaking free from the cycle of attracting narcissists and creating healthier relationships.

Cyndi will also share practical tips and techniques for staying out of a narcissist's field and protecting your energy.


No More Negative Energy!

Learn About Narcissism and Change Your Energetic Patterns for a Healthier Life


Clear out the negative energy from your life and become the positive, energized self you know you are

Understand the energetic patterns that create a narcissist - chakric, in-utero, and biofield.

Gain a profound understanding of the energetic patterns that create narcissists, including chakric, in-utero, and biofield influences. Explore how imbalances in energy centers, early developmental experiences, and disturbances in the biofield contribute to the emergence of narcissistic behavior. By uncovering these energetic dynamics, you'll develop a deeper awareness of narcissism's origins and be empowered to recognize and address these patterns, breaking free from the cycle of attracting narcissists and fostering healthier relationships.

Know the difference between a narcissistic wound and narcissistic pathology.

Understanding the subtle yet significant differences between the two. A narcissistic wound refers to the emotional injury or trauma that occurs in the early stages of a narcissist's life, leading to the development of narcissistic defenses and self-protective behaviors. On the other hand, narcissistic pathology encompasses the broader set of pathological traits and patterns of behavior exhibited by individuals with narcissistic personality disorder. Gain insight into these distinctions, enabling a deeper comprehension of the underlying psychological mechanisms at play in narcissistic individuals.

Identify energetic templates that cause you to be seen as a narcissist's energy supplier.

You can develop a heightened awareness of the behaviors, beliefs, and boundaries that may inadvertently invite or enable the narcissist's energy-draining dynamics. This newfound understanding will empower you to break free from the cycle, reclaim your energy, and establish healthier relationship dynamics.

Learn ways to stay out of a narcissist's field and keep them out of your own.

By implementing these methods, you can strengthen your energetic resilience, assert your personal power, and create a protective shield that keeps narcissists at bay, preserving your own energy and promoting your overall well-being.

Heal your energetic patterns through guided meditation.

You can heal your energetic patterns through guided meditation led by Cyndi Dale, and break free from the cycle of attracting narcissists.

BONUS: Q&A Session with Cyndi Dale

The class will also features a pre-recorded Q&A session where live participants asked questions about narcissistic behavior and how to change their energetic patterns for a happier and healthier life.


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free yourself from negative energy and transform your relationships

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No More Negative Energy!

Learn about Narcissists and How to Change Your Energetic Patterns for a Happier and Healthier Life



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Whether you're a seasoned energy worker or just starting your journey, this class suits all levels. We welcome everyone to join and learn the powerful techniques to visit and clear past life issues and move fully into today.

Breaking the pattern of attracting narcissists involves understanding and addressing underlying subconscious beliefs or wounds that may be drawing you towards such relationships. Therapy can provide some restoration and help you avoid such relationships, but it's not enough.

Energetic patterns can impact the dynamics of our relationships by influencing our subconscious beliefs, emotional responses, and how we attract and interact with others. Unresolved wounds or imbalances in our energetic system can inadvertently draw narcissists into our lives. Understanding and addressing these patterns can help break the cycle and foster healthier relationships.

We're here to support you on your journey and encourage you to continue learning and growing. If you have any questions after the class, we recommend taking any of Cyndi's classes or checking out her books. She's always happy to help and offer guidance

No, the class will be hosted on zoom, and the digital recording will be delivered to you via email. We will send you a PDF via email before the class with information about the topic.

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